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  • China Education and Research Network
    --**** establish a nation-wide education and research network infrastructure to support education and research.
  • Metasequoia.org
    --***presents information on the fossil and living Metasequoia glyptostroboides, a deciduous conifer native to China.
  • Electronic Design China
    --** monthly technology resource for design engineers and engineering managers.
  • Association of Chinese Scientists and Engineers -- USA
    --** An independent, nonprofit professional organization headquartered in Chicago. The missions of ACSE are promoting friendships and exchanging professional information and experiences among members and enhancing exchanges of science, technology, and culture between the United States and China.
  • National Natural Science Foundation of China
    --*** The official web site of China National Natural Science Foundation, whose mission is to direct, coordinate and financially support China's basic research and applied basic research as well as talented scientists and technicians.
  • Flora of China
    --*** Well designed site that offers manuscripts, images, links to searchable data, and other information on the flora of China. Lots of interesting details on China's approximately 30,000 species of vascular plants (one-eighth of the world's flora) for the layman and scientist alike.
  • History of Mathematics: China
    -- Maintained by Clark University student. Excellent.

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