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  • Towards a Cleaner World
    -- *** China Research Center for Water Pollution and Water Reuse.
  • Computer Digest
    -- *** a computer journal emphasis on multilingual computing.
  • China Torch Program
    -- *** By the State Science and Technology Commission of the People's Republic of China. The site provides details of the torch program, high and new technology industry devlopment zones, commission hierarchy, china high and new technology enterprises and so on.
  • A China Business Secrets Web Page
    -- **** This company is promoting business with China, especially in high-tech fields, where Internet is one interest. We use IT to serve our customers, design and host Web pages in Swedish, English and Chinese languages. At our web site, you can subscribe to FREE mailinglists.
  • Technology in China
    -- ** A newsletter published online on an 8-10 weekly cycle, briefing on net developments in Singapore and China.
  • Technology in China Newsletter
    --** provides an update on China's Connectedness and how the auther's Connection is going.
    --*** Homepage of the Science & Technology Information Communication Network of China (STICN). STICN is a cooperation project between the European Commission (DGXIII) and the People's Republic of China (SSTCC) for the purpose of facilitating the exchange of information from Research & Developement Centres to the Industry.
  • China Navigator
    --*** Features 16 recommended routes, survival facts, language tips, and hotel, restaurants & travel agent directories. CD ROM available.
  • Welcome to China
    --***Provides basic information on China's 30-strong cities and regions plus related travel information.
  • Facts of China
    --*** Major columns include "General Information" and "Provincial Information". The "General Information" covers China's history, culture, arts, economy, people, customs, and more, while the "Provincial Information" leads you to explore China's thirty provinces plus Taiwan, HongKong and Macao.
  • The China Matrix
  • ChinaLook.com
    --**Newly launched site provides a whole new look of High Tech on net, Intranet demo, Online shopping demo. The designer is an Intranet and Extranet Service Provider.
  • EastNet
    --** A commercial site in Beijing providing a wide variety of Internet and Intranet solutions for businesses.
  • Web Union
    --**provides free banner exchange services for sites or pages targeted at Chinese-speaking surfers.
  • Chinese Software Group
    --***Let you have an idea the status quo of the Software industry in China
  • Beijing Xunhe Technology Co., Ltd.
  • ZDnet Homepage --**Get to know ZDnet in China
  • Stone Group Corporation --**One of the biggest computer company in China
  • A&ES and IBM FM Support Center at Shanghai, China
  • Welcome to Ducom Inc.
    --**A Dallas-based consulting firm providing internetworking and Client/Server system solutions using Rapid Application Development tools such as Delphi, PowerBuilder and Visual Basic. The company is interested in expanding its business in China.
  • PC World
    --** PC World Chinese version, by IDG Co., Taiwan.(in Chinese BIG5)
  • Online Chinese Tools
    --** A collection of on-line tools to assist people in the learning and usage of Chinese including flashcards, GB/Big5 converters,character dictionary, etc.
  • Read Chinese in Net Applications
    --** If you want to know how to read Chinese in World Wide Web, this is a good place where you can find what you want. The site also has a lot of up-to-date information about Chinese software.
  • ChinaByte
    --*** ChinaByte is written in Chinese, by Chinese people for Chinese speakers throughout the world - and includes daily news, columns, an extensive software library, computer company database and interactive calendar, online discussion groups and an email newsletter.(in Chinese GB)
  • China ComputerWorld Daily
    --*** Computer news, technical information, programing, Internet, Intranet...
  • Hotsoft
    --** the Homepage of a software company in Zhengzhou, China. (in Chinese GB)
  • PC Home
    --*** A computer magazine in Taiwan.
  • IBM Information in China

    Personal site

    • China-America Neighborhood
      -- ** Dedicated to neighborly exchange between the people of North America and the people of China. Participation based. Choose English or Chinese text on the site.
    • China Phonecard On-line
      -- *** China national phonecard, Province/city phonecard, China phonecard & stamp catalogue, postage stamp of China for sale on-line.
    • FuQingSheng's photographic exhibition
      -- *** portraits of all style of Chinese people.
    • FuQingSheng's photographic exhibition
      -- *** Beautiful scences in China.
    • Hang Seng Indices
      --*** Up to the minute data of Hang Seng Indices.
    • Unique Hsu Chi Gallery
      --* Chinese Model Shu Kei (Hsu Chi) Gallery.
    • Xiaoyu Collection (FTP)
      --*** Collects a wide variety of China-related literature, most notably are its novels, classical literature, recreational readings and religion sections. Most of them in Chinese GB code.
    • Chen Yi---Photonet
      --*A gallery of candid cameras to be renewed every two days.
    • Sarah Guo's Homepage
      --*** Features Chinese MTV Singer page which introduces you to more than 200 singers in Mainland China and their hit songs. There is also a short Chinese History page which gives you a brief idea of China's long history (try to overlook the grammar of a college sophomore). And don't miss the Guestbook, Suzhou and Links sections and more.
    • Zhou Jun, Chinese ink painter
      --*** Information regarding Zhou Jun (1955), a Shanghai born ink painter. Current stay is in Nijmegen, The Netherlands. A few pictures and calligraphies are shown or pointed to.
    • Mao Zedong's Biography and His History
      --*** Web site glorifying Chinese leader Mao Zedong. Provides extensive biographical data, a discussion of his theories and publications, as well as statements regarding his role in several historical events. Contains many links to related multimedia sites as well as to related newsgroups.
    • Heng Yuan's Chinese Web Directory
      --*** Directory to a wide range of China-related sites on the Internet, including: popular Web sites, universities, magazines, news, culture, history, travel, scenery, novels, computing, entertainment, and more. Plus a guide to reading Chinese Web sites. Worth a look.

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