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Investment Projects

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Encouraged Projects

  1. Exploitation of mountain forest, aquatic or shoal resources, development of farming and forest planting, aquatic, livestock and poultry raising and their processing industry;
  2. Production of new equipments and materials which suit the demands of domestic and foreign markets and cannot be produced in our country for the time being;
  3. Those which suit the demands of domestic and foreign markets and raise the grade of products, so as to increase the foreign currency earning from export of commodity by opening up new market and promoting export sales;
  4. Those which can improve the performance of product, reduce consumption, increase productivity, improve the technical and economic benefits, are urgently needed in our country and technically advanced:
  5. Construction of energy resources, transportation and urban infrastructure;
  6. Building of commercial residential houses, reconstruction of old city, development and construction of new urban districts in tracts of land;
  7. Development and construction of tourist scenic spots;
  8. Other incentive projects specified by the national laws and regulations.

Restricted Projects

  1. Those which have been developed in our country or have introduced technology from abroad and of which the production capacity can meet the demands of the domestic market;
  2. The industries under experiment by the state to absorb foreign. investment;
  3. Mining and ore-dressing industry of mineral resources;
  4. Other restricted projects specified by the national laws and regulations.

Prohibited Projects

  1. Those which are disadvantageous to the national security or detrimental to the national economy,social development and public welfare;
  2. Those which destroy the natural resources and pollute the environment beyond the standard stipulated by the state;
  3. Posts and telecommunications;
  4. Broadcasting,television and news coverage;
  5. Production of military supplies.

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