ChinaVista Newswire Help

Note: The following help section discusses features available only in the subscription-level verion of ChinaVista Newswire:

Instant updating:

By clicking the "update" button at the top of the page, you can send your news gathering agent out on the web to bring in the latest China news. Since your agent will be scanning several pages throughout the Internet, please allow one or two minutes for the update to finish.


Clicking on the "configure" button at the top will enable you customize your service in two important ways.

News source selection: By checking or unchecking the boxes to the left of each listed news source, you can determine what China news sources will be included on your page. You can change your configuration at any time. Over the next several months, you can expect the number of selectable news sources to grow significantly. Most will not be available in the free version.

Keyword selection: After typing in desired keywords for each news source, you will find that Newswire displays matching news items in red for easy identification. Soon, you will have the additional option of having alerts e-mailed to you whenever news with your keywords appears.

News Translation:

Your newsswire service includes automatic headline translation of Chinese language online news sources. Clicking these translated headlines, however, will bring you to the Chinese text of these articles. For an additional fee, ChinaVista Newswire can provide you with full-text translations of any article. Simply click on the "T" icon to the left of the headline and you will be provided with an order form to fill out. Depending on your account level, you may have a set number of free article translations each month. Rates run in the range of US $60 to $120 for Newswire account holders, depending on article length. This represents a 20% discount over normal rates. Express service (36 hour,) available only to newswire account holders, carries a 70% surcharge.