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Subscribing to ChinaVista Newswire carries numerous advantages:


ChinaVista Newswire customizability allows you to choose from a master list of China news sources so you see only the news you want. And with its "keyword alert" feature, you can make sure you stay on top of those areas most important to you. Headlines which contain your chosen keywords will display in red, and if you want, you can choose to have alerts automatically sent to your mailbox whenever your keywords appear.

Latest News

With subscription-level Newswire service, you have the power to send out your personal China news agent to gather the latest news at any time. Just press the "update" button at the top of your custom page and, within one or two minutes, you will have the very latest headlines at your fingertips. The unregistered verion of Newswire is updated only once a day, from Monday to Friday.

More News

ChinaVista Newswire is constantly adding new China news sources, which can be added to your page via the "configure" menu. These additional sources will not be made available in the unregistered version.

Express Translation Services

ChinaVista newswire provides a free headline translation service for both unregistered and registered versions of Newswire. But what do you do if you want to have full-text translations of the articles? With subscription-level service, newswire staff will provide express translation of Chinese-language news items within 36 to 48 hours of your request. Your subscription includes one free translation per month. Additional translations can be requested online for a fee.

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