Huaci co. produces ferrite, transformers, coils and ballast for


more than 20 years, it covers the market of inland and overseas. The products obtained the best quality award from the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications, obtained National Science award. Now the Huaci co. obtained the ISO9001 certificate. The products have been exported to Canada, Italy, and other European countries, whose products have UL, CSA, GS, CE certificates. The products are used in and as following products:

  1. Light (neon light, energy saving light, ...)
  2. copying machine, machine tool
  3. air-conditioner power system
  4. communication system digital in/out transformer net digital I/O transformer 64Kb/s, 2Mb/s, 8Mb/s, ... tone telephone line transformer M10K EP13 ...
  5. switch power transformer, Si-steel power transformer
  6. permanent and soft ferrite U, E, EI, EC, ring type
  7. Many others
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Huaci Telecommunication material company

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