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China National Committee For Pacific Economic Cooperation(CNCPEC)

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According to the PECC (Pacific Economic Cooperation Council) Charter,each PECC member economy has its own Member Committee, through which it participates in the PECC process. China National Committee for Pacific Economic Cooperation is a national organization established in 1986 in accordance with the PECC Charter, which comprises tripartite representatives from government,business and industry, academic and other intellectual circles, all participating in their private capacities. The objective of the National Committee is to seek and promote economic cooperation and proserity within the Pacific region.

Major Task
  • Engage in an overall research on Pacific economic development and cooperation;
  • Organize and coordinate various units and sectors to participate in the activities of PECC;
  • Promote multilateral and bilateral exchanges with PECC and its member economies;
  • Host relevant international conferences, meetings and seminars etc.

The organization of the National Committee includes the Plenary Meeting,the Secretariat and the Task Force Sub-committees or Coordination Groups,in accord with the PECC Task Force activities.

  • Committee for Science and Technology
  • Committee for Financial and Capital Market Develoment
  • Business Forum
  • Committee for Trade Policy
  • Coordinating Group on Pacific Economic Outlook Project
  • Coordinating Group on Minerals and Energy Forum

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