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The People's Insurance Company of China Group(PICC Group) has been the biggest insurance conglomerate in China ever since its establishment in 1949, and enjoys a prevailing market share of 79.12%. It has won a wide reputation for its human resources, utmost faith, capital reserves,business scope and personalized services. With a staff of more than 110,000, PlCC Group has built up a net-work of 5669 domestic branch offices and 80 abroad.

As a Xiamen-based subsidiary of PICC Group, PICC Xiamen Branch always adheres to the corporate principle of "Loyal Services, Good Faith", and provides exceptional protection for the construction and development of Xiamen SEZ.

The Company has laid key stress on foreign-related business, and thus promoted a wide range of insurance services to the outward economic relations -on the basis of international conventions.

The Company has developed a well-knitted product line which mainly consists of property, liability, personal, credit and bond insurance. The number of products totals 150, among which 91 are foreign-related. With a customer base of 2,640 foreign- funded enterprises and 5,248 domestic, the Company effects a total risk coverage of more than CNY100 billion.

The Company attaches fundamental importance to risk evaluation and management in respect of the insured item,on the basis of which assistance is given to the clients for the most effective coverage combination and insurance plan.

The Company has developed a competitive edge both in theoretical capacities and underwriting experience. It has not only built up a personnel of highly qualified professionals in various areas, but also appointed a number of senior fellows as our standing consultants. In addition, a Loss Control & Prevention Division is also set up within the Company to provide simultaneous advice in line with the risk exposure of the insured items.

The Company also keeps itself in the clients' shoes while settling claims of whatever nature. For those which well falls into our coverage and avails full set of documents, settlement shall by no means take more than ten days. In the light thereof, the Company has effected indemnity payments at a total amount of more than 6 billion since 1980, by which it has made tremendous contribution to the economic prosperity in Xiamen.

With a view to provide first class services to its clients both at home and abroad, the Company has appointed over 300 surveying and claim-settling agents in the worlds' major ports, who are authorized to efficiently handle most of the claims. Apart from that, it has established business relationships with more than 1,000 companies and brokers in over 100 countries and regions. Meanwhile, it has also been entrusted by over 70 foreign insurance companies as their agent in China.

PICC Xiamen is always well prepared to tailor its excellent and wide-ranged insurance services to your own needs in the process of your investrnent and development.


Address: 2/F, Wing Building, Huicheng Commercial Center , 10 Hubin Zhong Road, Xiamen, China
Tel:86-592-5053052 5065047

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