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    Xiamen Ever Bright Travel Co.

A member of China Ever Bright Tourism Group and a wholly-owned subsidiary of Xiamen International Trust and Investment Corporation, Xiamen Ever Bright Travel Co. is rated "B" by the State Travel Administration. It is also one of Xiamen's official travel agencies authorised to provide foreign tour services for local citizens.

A specialist renowned for its quality package tour for both foreign and Chinese tourists, the company can meet the needs of diffrent customers ranging from business investigation groups, sight-seeing parties, theatre troupes and fitness-oriented tourists. Among other travel lines, special lines have been opened to Hongkong, Macau, Japan, South Korea and Southeast Countries.

Leveraging its quality services are its own restaurants, entertainment center and well-trained, dedicated tour guides speaking English, Japanese, Korean, Cantonese and Min'nan dialect. Xiamen Ever Bright and its people are always committed to anticipating and meeting the needs of its custmers by continually improving its infrastructure and services.

Interested parties please fill out the confirmation form or contact Xiamen Xindeco Buisiness Information Company.