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An Opportunity Not to Be Missed for Sponsors

Host City: Xiamen, Fujian Province, P. R. China

Time: Middle September, 1997

Sponsorship of the 1997 National Women Beach Volleyball Preliminary in South China's coastal city Xiamen promises rich rewards and new opportunities. The grandest sports event in China, the National Games are more than an important stage for Chinese athletes to break records and win recognition, they are also an ideal channel for sponsors to promote their products and commerical goodwill.

It took over 60 years for beach volleyball game to emerge from obscurity to the international spotlight. The first two-man beach volleyball in Santa Monica, California in 1930 attracted little public interest. The game was granted Olympic medal status in 1993 and had its first official overall participation in the 1996 Summer Olympics. Without the support of international sponsors beginning in the 1970s, the game wouldn't have achieved such worldwide recognition.

For the first time this year, beach volleyball will become a part of the National Games. By middle September, 1997, Xiamen TV, Fujian TV and China Central TV will broadcast the game live and the entire country will be watching with great interest. There is a limited number of sponsorship, interested parties please act now. .

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