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[Business and Markets in Suzhou] [List of Some Enterprises]

Suzhou City

Suzhou Shipping Corp. which has forty years shipping history. mainly ships architectural material, coal, steel etc. and concurrently manages production. transportation, sale, warehouse, transference etc.
Add:No.5 Jinmen Road, Suzhou
Tel:5224514 5222751

Suzhou Taxi Corp. is the largest professional Taxi corporation in Suzhou. It has more than 250 cars, buses and has fixed capital of almost RMB 50 million etc. It concurrently manages automobile maintenance. hotel, Ad.. supplies trade, furniture, parking lot and other businesses.
Add:B Taxi Building. No. 550 Renmin Road, Suzhou

Suzhou Pharmaceutical Foreign Development Co. SPFDC was founded in Jan 1st, 1993, set up by Suzhou Pharmaceutical Corporation, Suzhou Foreign Trade Corp. and Hongkong Zhong Shan Co. Ltd. SPFDC is a commercial organ owned by the state. It is under the leader of Suzhou Pharmaceutical Administration Bureau. The General manager can do the management under the control of the board committee.
It passed the inspection and got the I.D. of "THE IDENTIFICATION FOR QUALIFIED PHARMACEUTICAL COMPANY" & "PERMISSION CARD FOR PHARMACEUTICAL MANAGING COMPANY". SPFDC can do the wholesale of medicines, chinese medicines, pharmaceutical materials as well as the import and export of pharmaceutics and other goods, It is using the import export right of Suzhou Foreign Trade Co.
The main business of SPFDC is import ant export of pharmaceuticals, chemical materials, medical equipments, medicine producing machine, pharmaceutical semi-products and other new kinds of medicines, healthy goods, etc.
SPFDC offering you warmhearted service.
TEL:0086512 5294685, 5296464

Suzhou Business Corp. (Suzhou No.3 Coal Corp). which has 6 branch corporations. 2 factories, is subordinated by Suzhou Economy Committee with commerce. industry, trade, technique in itself. It manages source of industry, auto ,estate etc.
Add;No.11 storey. Kaifa Building. Suzhou
Tel:7232684 7231574

Suzhou Lando High-tech Group mainly produces CT machine. data -controlled machine tool's system and medical products etc.. The style of Lanbo is superior management and superior developing speed.
Add:Between Donghuan Road and Suxie Road, Suzhou Industry Zone
Tel: 7263364 7268477

Suzhou Axle Sleeve factory is one of the eight largest axle sleeve factories in China with superior geography situation and convenient trans-portion. It annually produces all kinds of 4. 440. 000 sets of axle sleeve.
Add:No.1 Xiangmenwaidong Road, Suzhou

SuZhou Glass lined Equipment factory is one of the key enterprises of its kind in China, and fixed point factory making flow meter instruments under the Ministry of Chemical Industry. We are integrated with science industry trade and mechatronics instrument. We are granted the license for designing and fabrication both Category One and Category Two pressure vessels. We also hold the professional license for fabricating glass-lined equipment. Among the same enterprises, we have earliest adopted CAD to assist designing. he glass-lined equipment all are fabricated by electric furnace. We are uniquely selected by American DUPONT and German BASF across the country. We are the spearhead of its kind for sale abroad. Metal tube taper cone flow meter was awarded the first prize of National Major Technological Equipment Achievement. Warning device with temperature measuring, level display device and frequency and speed changing device specified in glass- lined equipment won the National Practical New Inventive patent.
Add;No.15 Xi Yuan Road, SuZhou
Tel:0512 7232903
Post Code:215008

Suzhou Instrument Factory comprises with Suzhou Hongqi Electrometer Factory. Suzhou No.2 Electrometer Factory etc.. It is well- known for its abundant technical power. advanced equipment and high quality.
Add:Lijiaqiao Hengtang. Suzhou

Suzhou Jinding Decoration Engineering Co..Ltd.. which is the first joint venture of decoration enterprise in Suzhou, was founded in 1987. It is engaged in the architectural decoration in domestic. facing all the country and exploiting international markets, it sincerely welcome all clients.
Add:No.33 Fengmen Road, Suzhou

Suzhou Architectural waterproof material Factory is a second -ranking enterprise, whose trade mark, Huanqiu Brand is awarded the famous brand. In order to meet the market's requirement, this factory is developing new waterproof material. Its products are exported to Japan, Malaysia. Cuba etc.. It sincerely welcome all friends to come to cooperate.
Add:No.16, Sukun Road, Suzhou

Kunshan City

Kunshan Woolens Raw Material Corp. was founded in Aug.. 1992. It is located in the Yangcheng Lake, a famous resort with superior geography situation and convenient transportation. It regards the quality as the enterprise' s life and it will sincerely provide best service for all clients.
Add:Bacheng Town . Kunshan

Shanghai No.11 Knitting Factory, Kunshan Branch was founded in 1988. Most of its products are sold well in Japan. Germany, France etc. and it has continuously received Advanced Enterprise for several years.
Add: Xiaxi Road Bingxi Town, Kunshan

Kunshan Cide Meter and Instrument Co. . Ltd. is a professional enterprise which produces pressure meter for extinguisher. Its products include all kinds of pressure meters of extinguishers such as Y-25Z-2.5 Mpa, Y-25Z-2 MPa, Y-3.6Z -200PSI, -300PSI, -400PSI etc..
Add:No.26 Kunnan Road, Dashi Town, Kunshan

Kunshan Far East Chemical Industry Co.. Ltd. Kunshan Bingxi Organic Chemical Factory was founded in 1978. Its products are including two series and more than thirty types and 85 percent of its products are sold to hongkong. Southeast Asia, America, France, Germany etc. . It's one of the most important enterprises in Jiangsu province.
Add:South Bingxi Town, Kunshan

Sino-France joint venture-Tengda Leather Co.. Ltd. was founded in 1990. Owning fixed capital of RMB 3. 78 million, it mainly produces travel shoes and sports shoes with compound material.
Add:Bingxi Town, Kunshan

Bank of China, Kunshan Branch was established on June. 22th.. 1988. Taking "prestige, high quality service, incorruptness, earning foreign exchange" as the main purpose, it has made grate achievement in continuously extending capital resource, capital power, developing external businesses. strengthening internal management. With deposit amount of RMB 331.3 million, foreign exchange deposit amount of U $ 36 .01 million, loan surplus amount of RMB 24.77 million, loan of foreign exchange amount of U $ 9.76 million, it has 92 appointed clients of Grate Wall Credit Card including transaction amount of RMB 750 million. At same time,all of its branch offices have realized computerized management.
Add:Entrance Between Middle Qingjing Rd. and Zhujiang Rd.
Post code:215300

Wujiang City

Wujiang Jiangxing Electron Development Co.. Ltd.. a joint venture. was founded in 1988. Its total investment amount is U $ 340.000. Using advanced testing instruments from Japan. Taiwan and high quality raw material etc., it implements overall quality management.
Add:Tongyu Road, Songling Town, Wujiang
Tel:424070 426354

Wujiang Air Refreshing Instrument Factory which is a professional factory. mainly produces all kinds of air filters. It also undertakes design, manufacture, installation, adjustment of refreshing air -conduction engineering.
Add:No.22 Hubin Road, Wujiang

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