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The Longest Dragon in the World

The dancing dragon celebration was first held in the reign of the 16th year of Emperor Qianlong in Qing dynasty. Every year, each village makes certain parts of a dragon. On the 16th of the first lunar month, a long dragon is connected and the dragon celebration parade begins, with a deafening sound of gongs and drums. The dragon seems to fly on clouds at day time, while at night, it seems to swim happily in the broad sea. It is fantastic. The dragon is called "the longest dragon in the world".

Longest Dragon in the World
Longest Dragon in the World

Village Revelry

On the Lantern Festival, some villagers in Luofang carry a stand on their shoulders, running on the land first, then to the river. On the stand, some persons in ancient costumes are trying to stand still. On that day, all villagers come out to join the revelry. So people call it "A Village Revelry".

Village Revelry Village Revelry

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