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24 Scenic Spots in Guilin

Floral Bridge in Qixing Park

Floral Bridge in Qixing Park

"World of the Seven-Star Cave"

The Seven-Star Cave, known in ancient time as Xi Xia Cave, is located deep in Putuo Mountain in Qixing Park. The one million-year-old cave was originally a section of a underground river. The three characters of "Xi Xia Cave" were carved on stone at the cave's mouth in A.D.509 during the Sui Dynasty. For hundreds of years local people believed the cave was the residence of immortals.

"Dragon Hermitage and Divine Traces" (photo here)

The Longyin (Dragon Hermitage) Cave was originally called Huixue. The present name was adopted during the Southern. Song Dynasty (1127-1279). It is located at the foot of the third highest peak of Yueya Mountain. To its west is the Xiaodong River. The cave looks like a canopy and opens at the western and southern ends. Some river water flows through the cave. A groove meandering along the whole length of the cave roof looks like the impression of a dragon. The reflection of the cave on water looks like a narrow gully in deep mountain. At the mouth of the western and southern ends bamboo and willow grow in luxuriant groves. There are many carvings inside the cave. The earliest is an inscription of a poem entitled "Poems about Azalea in the Same Rhyme" by Zhang Jun and Liu Songgui in A.D.894 during the Tang Dynasty. Other early works include an inscription of Di Qing from the Song Dynasty and a stele inscription entitled "Notes on Five Diseases" by Mei Zhi, also from the Song Dynasty.

Mist shrouded Lijiang River

Mist shrouded Lijiang River

"Mist and Rain over Lijiang River"

The Lijiang River originates in the Mao'er Mountains in Xing'an and flows through Guilin, Yangshuo, Pingle and Wuzhou to join the Pearl River. The best scenic spots are found along the section from Guilin to Yangshuo over a length of 83 kilometers. The river has several turns on this section and is flanked by a great number of solitary peaks. The scenic spots are so many and so beautiful people call the section the "Lijiang Art Gallery. " in every season, whether it rains or snows, whether it is sunny or cloudy, the scenery is always attractive. But the most fascinating sight is when the Lijiang River is shrouded in mist. The clouds are like thin silk curtains while the peaks appear and disappear in the mist.

There are also the scenic attractions of "Rainbow Reflection at South Bridge", "Wooden Dragon Ferry", "Old Man Stand High", "Six Caves in Yin Mountain", "Buddha Carvings in Western Hill", "Taohua River Embracing Green", "Moon Reflection at Floral Bridge", "Crimson Clouds at Camel Peak", "Stele Forest in Guihai", "The Tomb of King of Jingjiang", "Watching Tides at Yao Mountain", "Hanging Moon, over Chuan Mountain", "ExquiSite Reflection Of Pagoda Mountain", "Jade Screen at South Creek" and "Water Mansion at Guanyan Cave."

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