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Hotels for overseas tourists in Guilin

(Zip Code: -86+773)

Hotel Star Address(Guilin, 541001, China) Telephone
Sheraton Guilin Hotel Five Lijing South Road 2825588
Royal Garden Hotel Five Yanjiang Road 5813411
Guishan Hotel Four Chuanshan Road 5813388
Holiday Inn Guilin Four No.14 Ronghu South Road 2823950
Lijiang Hotel Three No.1 Shanhu North Road 2822881
Ronghu Hotel Three 17 North Ronghu Road 2823881
Dangui Hotel Three No.451 Zhongshan South Road 3834300
Tailian Hotel Three No.102 Zhongshan Center Road 2822888
Xiangjiang Hotel Three No.8 Xihuan Road 3833889
Songyuan Holiday Village Three No.9 Lijiang Road 5812311
Global Hotel Three No.1 Jiefang East Road 2828228
Sightseeing Hotel Three No.20 Lijiang Road 5812488
Guihu Hotel Three No. 1 Luosi Shan 2828899
Seven Star Hotel Three No.7 Lijiang Road 5814881
Fubo Hotel Three No.121 Binjiang Road 2829988
Overseas Chinese Hotel Three At the side fo Shengli Qiao Bridge 2828888
Liyuan Hotel Three Anxin Zhou 3832291
Newcity Hotel Three No.86 Zhongshan South Road 3832511
Greatwall Hotel Two No.12 Putuo Road 5814806
Yugui Hotel Two No.36 Binjiang 2825499
Wverseas Chinese Mansion Two No.39 Zhongshan South Road 3835753
Jiashan Hotel Two No.5 Taohuajiang Road 2822986
Guixing Hotel Two No.18 Qixing Road 5815400
Jingui Hotel Two No.15 Zhishan Road 3835831
Guilin Hotel Two No.1 Zhongshan North Road 2826956
International Hotel Two No.1 Lijiang Road 5814200
Taihe Hotel One No.427 Zhongshan South Road 3835504
Loulan Hotel One No.216 Shanghai Road 3844478
Dahua Hotel One No.171 Zhongshan Center Road 2825731

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