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    Hotels in Macau

    Hotel Bela Vista, Macau
    Address: Rua do Comendador Kou Ho Neng, Macau
    Phone: 965333   Fax: 965588   Zip Code: +853

    Hotel Beverly Plaza Macau
    Address: 70 Avenida do Dr Rodrigo Rodrigues, Macau
    Phone: 782288   Fax: 780704   Zip Code: +853

    Hotel Grandeur Macau
    Address: 199 Rua de Pequim, Macau
    Phone: 781233   Fax: 781211   Zip Code: +853

    Hotel Guia
    Address: 1-5 Estrada do Engenheiro Trigo Macau
    Phone: 513888   Fax: 559822   Zip Code: +853

    Hotel Fortuna, Macau
    Address: 63 Rua de Cantao, Macau
    Phone: 786333   Fax: 786363   Zip Code: +853

    Hoilday Inn Macau
    Address: 82-86 Rua de Pequim, Macau
    Phone: 783333   Fax: 782321   Zip Code: +853

    Hotel Lisboa
    Address: Avenida da Lisboa, Macau
    Phone: 577666   Fax: 710562   Zip Code: +853

    Hotel Mondial
    Address: 8-10 Rua do Antonio Basto, Macau
    Phone: 566866   Fax: 514083   Zip Code: +853

    Hotel Pousada de Coloane
    Address: Cheoc-Van Beach, Coloane Island, Macau
    Phone: 882213/4   Fax: 882251   Zip Code: +853

    Hotel Ritz, Macau
    Address: Rua Comendador, Kou Ho Neng, Macau
    Phone: 339955   Fax: 317826   Zip Code: +853

    Hotel Royal
    Address: 2-4 Estrada da Vitoria, Macau
    Phone: 552222   Fax: 563008   Zip Code: +853

    Hotel Sintra, Macau
    Address: Avenida de D. Joao IV, Macau
    Phone: 710111   Fax: 510527   Zip Code: +853

    Hyatt Regency Macau
    Address: 2 Estrada Almirante Marquest Esparteiro, Taipa Island, Macau
    Phone: 831234   Fax: 830195   Zip Code: +853

    Kingsway Hotel
    Address: Rua de Luis Gonzaga Gomes, Macau
    Phone: 702888   Fax: 702828   Zip Code: +853

    Macau Masters Hotel
    Address: 162-178 Rua das Lorchas, Macau
    Phone: 937572   Fax: 937565   Zip Code: +853

    Mandarin Oriental, Macau
    Address: 956-1110 Avenida de Amizade, Macau
    Phone: 567888   Fax: 594589   Zip Code: +853

    Metropole Hotel
    Address: 493-501 Avn. Praia Grande, Macau
    Phone: 388166   Fax: 330890   Zip Code: +853

    Nam Yue Hotel
    Address: International Centre, Avenida Do Dr. Rodrigo Rodrigues, Macau
    Phone: 726288   Fax: 726726   Zip Code: +853

    New Century Hotel Macau
    Address: 889 Av. Padre Tomas Pereira, Taipa Island, Macau
    Phone: 831111   Fax: 832222   Zip Code: +853

    New World Emperor Hotel
    Address: Rua de Xangai, Macau
    Phone: 781888   Fax: 782287   Zip Code: +853

    Pousada de Sao Tiago
    Address: Avenida da Republic, Fortaleza de Sao Tiago da Barra, Macau
    Phone: 378111   Fax: 552170   Zip Code: +853

    President Hotel, Macau
    Address: 355 Avenida da Amizade, Macau
    Phone: 553888   Fax: 552735   Zip Code: +853

    The Westin Resort
    Address: Estrada de Hac Sa, Ilha de Coloane, Macau
    Phone: 871111   Fax: 871122   Zip Code: +853

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