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Major & Minor Stone Forests
Naigu Stone Forest
Feilongpu Waterfall
Long Lake
Zhiyun Cave
Strange Wind Cave
Torch Festival

  The Long Lake, Moon Lake and Feilongpu belong to water-related landscape. Embraced by green mountains, water in the Long Lake is tranquil, clean and transparent, with ripples reflecting sunshine, islets full of green grass and lake banks full of birds' songs and flower fragrance. This environment may make visitors forget to return home. Quite different from the Long Lake, Feilongpu has another type of view : with a drop of 88 meters, the water falls from the precipices and cliffs, like rains fallign down from clouds. The roaring sound produced from the waterfalls trembles the hills and rivers, making a grand view before visitors.

  A wonderful land nurtures intelligent people. The long descriptive poem 'Ashima', which gets its fame in the world, came from the Yi prefecture of the stone forest area. Because of this, this place is also called 'Home of Ashima'. People living in this area are Sani people who belong to Yi tribe, who are well known for their diligence, warm-hearted hospitality and goodness at singing and dancing. Till now, Sanipeople still keep their traditions such as their exquisite folk costumes, unique written language, ancient and simple production and living style, and natural and simple ethnic folklore. Visitors may find that its ancient culture is still rooted in these people's hearts. The Torch Festival is Yi people's great celebration day. On the 24th day of the 6th lunar month of each year, people wearing special festival costumes, come to the stone forests to celebrate their own festival. Looking at the stone forests at this moment, the stones seem to be elegantly dressed up at daytime, with its rocks dancing and streams singing. The whole stone forests are full of hustling people. All the mass, men or women, elders or youngsters, are indulged in the warm atmosphere of the festival. In the evening, people hold burning torches, sing and dance, stay up all the night. The sky as well as the stone forests are reddened by the torch firs and the zealousness of the people.

  The climate in the stone forest area is as wonderful as its landscape. In summer, when people in the Yangtze River area are standing for unbearable hotness and looking for cool places, the elders at the stone forests are still wearing thin jackets, while singing old folk songs. In winter, when people at the banks of the Songhua River in Northeast China are expecting a shred of sunshine on its ice and snow capped land, girls of the stone forest area are still wearing beautiful skirts and dancing with flowers. The fourseasons' climates in the stone forest area can simply be concluded like this-no coldness in winter, no hotness in summer,distinct dry and humid seasons, and spring-like four seasons. The stone forest is well known for its natural and artificial landscapes, which have attracted visitors from home and abroad to come to pay a visit.

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