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The Temple of Heaven

1. Western Heavenly Gate

2. Danbi Bridge

3. Imperial Vault of Heaven
   Glazed Tile Gate

4. Echo Wall
    Nine-Dragon Cypress

5. Circular Mount Altar
    Heart of Heavenly Stone

a map of the Temple of Heaven 6.Hall of Abstinence
   Main Hall of the Palace of Abstinence
   Left Parlor of the Main Hall
   Sweet Spring Well

7. Hall of Prayer for Good Harvests

8. Gate of Prayer for Good Harvests

9. Double-Circle Longevity Pavilion

10. Eastern Gate

The Temple of Earth & Observatory

The Temple of Heaven was built on a central axis. At the southern extreme is a square wall representing the earth, and at the northern extreme is a semicircular wall representing the heaven. The design was based on the primitive belief of "round heaven and square earth."

The Temple of Heaven has an area of 273 hectares with a layout in two squares one inside the other. Two walls divide the ground into the outer and inner parts. The outer wall is 6,416 meters long and the inner wall is 3,292 meters long. The northern part of the outer and inner walls is a semicircle and the southern part of them is square, declining from north to south to symbolize the traditional belief that Heaven was high and round and the earth was low and rectangular.

The Temple of Heaven is an outstanding representative of Chinese traditional architecture for its clever design and harmonious colors.

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