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Travel China News Index

Mar. 17th, 2000
.Beijing Tourism Group Reorganized
.Construction to Start on China National Theater
.Museum Ticket Card
.Shaanxi's Tourism Sets 2000 Targets
.Large Ski Resort in Southern China
.Yarlung Zangbo Canyon Nature

Mar. 13th, 2000
.Vice Premier Demands More Rapid Tourism Growth
.Overall Development of Tourism
.China's Tourism Industry Sets Goals for the Next 20 Years
.Goals for Shanghai's Tourism Industry
.Taiwan is the Major Tourist Source Market for Fujian
.Hong Kong Will Build a Marine Organism Center

Mar. 2nd, 2000
.Scientific and Technological Tours Shed New Light on Beijing
.Jiangsu Sets Up Marine Scenic Area
.Nanjing Protects VIP Residences of the Republic of China Period
.Hong Kong and Guangzhou Discuss Tourism Development Strategy
.Baise Becomes a New Popular Attraction
.Huangniuyan Scenic Area to Be Set Up

Feb. 15th, 2000
.Mount Emei and Jiuzhaigou Join Hands
.Recreational Fishing
.Geologists Call to Rescue Hukou Waterfall
.Nanjing Underground Historical Relics Get Better Protection
.Sightseeing on Helicopter
.New Bridge Arras the Yangtze

Jan. 31st, 2000
.New Waterside Tourist Attraction
.Wuyi Mountain Listed as a World Heritage Site
.Shananxi Develops the Tangtai Mausoleum
.Another Skiing Center Opened
.Tang Dynasty Murals to Be Revealed to Ausiences in Two Years
.Five Restricted Scenic Spots

Jan. 18th, 2000
.Efforts Made to Attract More Tourists to Huangshan
.Remains of an Ancient Hall Discovered in Dunhuang
.Construction of the Xiaolangdi Tourist Area in Full Swing
.Wenchang City Plans to Build Soong-Family Folklore Park
.A New Tourist Area in Quanzhou
.Landform Tours Becoming Popular in China

Jan. 11th, 2000
.Special Discount for Silk Road Tours in Winter and Early Spring
.Hong Kong to Hold Arts Festival for New Millennium
.Two-day Tour to Famous Caves, Temples and Grottoes
.Indoor Skiing Center
.Xi'an to Receive 550,000 overseas Tourists
.Tea Culture Scenic Spot

Jan. 5th, 2000
.Taishan to Hold Millennium Celebrations
.China Boasts 200 Amusement Parks
.Daqing to Tap Wetland
.Longxin Temple Renovation Completed
.Xinjiang Opens More Ports
.New Longingtouch Applied

Dec. 29th, 1999
.China to Hold Scenic and Tourist Resort Fair 2000
.Changle Becomes a Seaside Tourist City
.Exit and Entry Mangement Consultation Hot Line Opens
.Wildlife Zoo in Meihua Mountains
.China Daily Goes Color
.Anyang Protects the Yin Ruins

Dec. 23rd, 1999
.Shanhaiguan Chosen as Exemplary Civilized Scenic Area
.Xi'an Satellite Center Becomes a Tourist Attraction
.Huainan Opens New Tourist Attractions
.Shanghai Airlines Adds B767 Passenger Plane
.More Chinese Counties Opened to Foreign Tourists
.Huge Waterfalls Discovered

Dec. 10th, 1999
."New Millennium" China' 2000 to Kick Off
.Marine Tour
.Ecotour Itineraries
.Scenic Resorts Account for 1% of China's Territory
.Cooperation Between Austrian Airlines and Air China
.World Horticulture Expo '99 Extended

Dec. 3rd, 1999
.Imperial Palace of the Nanyue Kingdom Opens
.Qionghai Promotes Weekend Tours
.Shanxi Plans to Construct Large Hunting Grounds
.A Chinese Cultural Village
.Four Tourist Areas
.Grand Canyon in Western Zhejiang Opens to the Public

Nov. 26th, 1999
.Revitalization of the Sino-Vietnamese Border as a Tourist Area
.The Palace Museum's 50 Years of Selected Cultural Relics Exhibition
.Revolutionary Base Shows Its Charm
.Scenic Areas In Beijing to Be Evaluated
.Suzhou Transforms Its Panmen Tourist Area
.Ancient Porcelain Kiln Discovered

Nov. 12th, 1999
.Stone Helmets and Armor Found Near Emperor Qin Shihuang's Mausoleum
.Agricultural Sightseeing Tours in Fuyang
.Dazhai Forest Park Takes Shape
.Renovation of Ancient City Wall
.Yunnan Has Finished Constructing a Large Tourism Commercial City
.A Russian Commodity Street

Nov. 3rd, 1999
.Yin Ruins to Become World Cultural Heritage Site
.MSAR Travel Documents in Use upon Macao's Return
.Large Tourist Area to Be Built Around Jiayuguan
.Tourist Belt Formed Along the Grand Canal
.Xiamen-Europe Navigation Line Operational
.China's Longest Railway Tunnel Completed

Oct. 28th, 1999
.Harbin Will See a New Tide of Tourists in Winter
.Cultural Relics on Display in Hong Kong
.Skywalker Challenges His Record
.Flower Festival
.Rice-Flour Noodle Culture Tour
.New Tourist Projects added to Sacred Place of Taoism

Oct. 15th, 1999
.Largest Military Fort in Asia Opens
.China and USA Jointly Develop to Forest Tourism
.Millennium Dragon Picture Album Published
.Winter Resort Hot in Summer
.Leshan Adds New Tourist Spots
.Cooperation Brings Hong Kong Closer to Mainland

Oct. 11th, 1999
.Casting of China Century Bell to Be Finished Soon
."Sanya Tourism" Web Site Opens
.Air China Adds New Boeing
.National Forest Park Provides New Tour Programs
.Theme Park in Chuxiong Yi Autonomous Prefecture
.Ancient County Government Office Opens

Sep. 28th, 1999
.Inbound Travel up in the First Six Months
.Largest Cultural Relic Archive in China Completed
.Touring Ancient Capital City of Xi'an
.Italian Folklore Resort
.Hong Kong Sells Show Tickets over Net
.Dalian-Hong Kong-Macao Tourism Train Launched

Sep. 17th, 1999
.Int'l Wedding Festival
.Catering Business on the Rise
.Excavation Site at Western Xia Royal Tombs Opens
.New Attractions in Shaanxi
.Old Churches Reopen
.Ancient City Restored

Sep. 9th, 1999
.American Airlines Plans to Inaugurate Air Routes From Chicago to China
.Special-interest Tours Become More Attractive
.Hotels Provide Peasant Food
.CTS Initiates Five Tour Programs
.Forest & Grassland Festival
.Audio Tour Guide

Sep. 6th, 1999
.Ancient Town Initialtes Night Tour
.Kashi to Hold Culture and Tourism Festival
.Tang Poems Tour
.Lake Park to Be Built in Suzhou
.China's First Cross-sea Cableway Built
.Ili Launches New Tourist Program

Aug 19, 1999
.Old Silk Road, a New Tourist Favor
.Tibet Develops Special-Interest Tours
.Busy Tourist Season Prolongs in Tibet
.Agricultural Eco-Tour Area Built
.New Scenic Spots Constructed in Huai'an
.Environment Upgraded in Mao's Hometown

Aug 12, 1999
.FIT Information Center in Operation
.Expedition of Taklimakan Scheduled
.International Goodwill Months to Be Held
.Hengshan Culture and Tourism Festival to Kick Off
.Temple Fair on Jiuhua Mountain
.Shishi Sea World

Aug 09, 1999
.Geological Miracles Add New Attractions to the Three Gorges Tour
.Agro-Sightseeing Garden to Take Shape
.Yangzhou Folk Art Museum
.Zushan, a New Tourist Area
.Amercian Northwest Applies to Add Sino-American Flights
.Free Tour Guide Service

Jul 30, 1999
.Hebei Launches Tour of Mulan Hunting Ground
."Silk Alley" to Move Indoors
.Nadam Fair in Xinjiang
.Primeval Forest Park, New Attraction in Xishuangbanna
.State Council Promulgates Provisions on Administrating Guides
.Top Tourist Spots of Yunnan Selected

Jul 15, 1999
.CNTA Announces Overseas Tourist Survey Results
.Kunming to Hold Costume Fair
.Qingdiao Opens New Scenic Spots
.Guangxi to Develop Tourist Products
.Environmental Protection in Xinjiang
.Tourism Service Better in Xi'an

Jul 09, 1999
. Beijing Develops High-Tech Tours
.Guizhou Celebrates Six Festivals
.New Finds at Great Wall
.Three Gorges Attracts More Overseas Visitors
.Great Efforts Made to Restore Ancient Pingyao City
.International Elderly Tourism Day

Jul 02, 1999
. Hebei Promotes Spring Outing Tours
.Subtropical Rain Forests Open to Tourists
.Mild Seven Outdoor Quest Returns to Dali
.Tibet Museum Completed
.Confucius's Analects Printed on Silk
.Remains of Ancient Capital Discovered

Jun 25, 1999
.Vistors are Safe Traveling in China
.Hainan Turned into an Ecological Province
.Greener, Colorful Avenue
.Sichuan Constructs Hanging Coffin Exhibition Hall
.Tourist Train from Urumqi to Alataw Shankou Starts Service
.Tibet Strengthens Protection of Cultural Relics

Jun 10, 1999
.China, UNESCO, Japan Join Hands to Protect Ancient Palace
.Hong Kong International Airport Listed Among Top Ten
.Database on China's Tourism Resources to Be Established
.United Airlines Seeks New Non-Stop Service to Shanghai
.Beijing Zoo on the Internet
.Ancient Knight's Tomb Discovered in North China

Jun 2, 1999
.Xinjiang Adds Special Tour Programs
.Beijing Publishes "Tourism Management Regulations"
.Xiamen Offers Ecotours
.Renovation of 2000-Year-Old Mausoleum
. Contributions for Renovating Yellow Emperor's Mausoleum
.Lotus Festival in Yueyang

May 17, 1999
.Horticulture Expo to Promote Yunnan's Economy
.Yangtze River Special Cruise Line Developed
.Visiting the Great Wall with a Plastic Bag
.Beidaihe to Hold a Bird-Watching Competition
.Beijing Aquarium Opens
.Eastern Yunnan Develops a New Tourist Zone

May 06, 1999
.Lushun Develops Snake Island-Bird Island Exploration Tour
.Beijing Develops Survival Island Tourism Base
.Inner Mongolia Establishes Ecological Reserves
.Quake-Hit World Heritage Site Fights Back
.Xinjiang Making Tourism Pillar Industry
.CD-ROM in Memory of Mao Launched

Mar 22, 1999
.China Encourages Overseas Investment in Travel Agencies
.A Record High of Exits and Entries in 1998
.New Tour Routes in Tibet
.Yarlung Zangbo Grand Canyon to Become Natural Reserve

Mar 08, 1999
.Gansu's Ecotours Soon Available
.Xichang Develops a HighTech Space Tour
.Quanzhou to Sponsor Tourism Festival
.Dam Area to Establish a National Forest Park

Feb 22, 1999
.Vice Premier Says Tourism Is a New Economic Hot Spot
.China's Tourism Industry Has Competitive Advantages
.Jilin Holds Ice & Snow Festival
.Sightseeing of Fishery in Fujian

Feb 12, 1999
.Jilin Promotes Colorful Ice and Snow Tours
.Hainan Will Benefit Greatly from Ecological Tourism
.Greener Beijing Hopes to Win 2006 Olympic Games

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