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China Travel News and Events

(October 15th, 2001)

  • 108-Meter Long Painting on Hakka People on Display
  • Chinese Dancing to Focus on Characters: Expert
  • China Holds First Seminar on Art Archaeology
  • Mongol Genealogy May Unveil Mysteries About Genghis Khan
  • Rare Frescos Discovered in North China

    (October 12th, 2001)

  • China to Hold 8th Wuqiao Int'l Circus Festival
  • Ancient Tomb of Human, Animal Remains Unearthed in NW
  • Southwestern China to Improve Eco-system of Upper Yangtze River
  • Chinese Travelers Hit Road in Record Numbers
  • New Silk Road to Boost Asia-Europe Economic Ties

    (October 11th, 2001)

  • Ancient Tomb of Human, Animal Remains Unearthed in NW
  • HK to Build New Exhibition Center at Airport
  • Roundup: China Becomes Safety Island for World Tourism
  • Chinese Civil Aviation Carry 1.57 Million Passengers in Holidays
  • Fog Delays Flights To And From Beijing

    (October 8th, 2001)

  • Woolly Rhinoceros Fossils Unearthed in China
  • Lu Xun Remembered as A Global Literature Icon
  • WTO Entry Touches Beijing's National Day Celebration
  • Ruins of Ancient Great Wall Discovered in NE China
  • Holidays Spur Tourism With Unique Local Features

    (September 30th, 2001)

  • 5th International Folk Art Festival to Be Held in October
  • Tianjin Prepares for Holiday Tourism Tide
  • Chinese, Austrian Children's Choirs on Beijing Stage
  • Chinese Fashions May Become Popular Again
  • Ancient Silk Road Expands Eastward

    (September 29th, 2001)

  • Rare Tigers Discovered in Tibet
  • Macao Int'l Music Festival Opens
  • More Youth Hostels Being Built in China
  • Fifth China Flower Expo Opens in Guangdong
  • Jiuzhaigou Tickets Sell out Ahead of National Day Week

    (September 28th, 2001)

  • Macao to Open Sightseeing Tower Higher Than Eiffel
  • Fourth Int'l Tourism Culture Festival Ends
  • Foreign Women Enthusiastic About Chinese Cooking
  • HK Tourism Targets Short-haul Markets
  • "Hero Mother" Panda Gives Birth to 12th Baby

    (September 27th, 2001)

  • Ancient Carriages Unearthed in Central China
  • Cultural Festival Opens to Commemorate Confucius
  • China's First Writing Brush Museum Opens
  • Leading Austrian Symphony Orchestra to Perform in Beijing
  • Great Efforts Planned to Protect Natural Wetland Resources

    (September 26th, 2001)

  • Intl. Writing Brush Festival Opens in East China
  • Chinese Artists Focus on Ethnic Relations
  • Foreign Artists Stage Performances for Chinese Workers
  • Tibetan Language Mirrors Social Progress
  • China's Holiday Tourism Market Maturing: Experts

    (September 25th, 2001)

  • China Rescures 500-Year-Old Kunqu Opera
  • China's First Art Gallery on Giant Pandas
  • Same Drum Beating, Different Feelings
  • More Performers Eye Tibetan Culture
  • Chinese Farmer Helps Revive Local Opera

    (September 24th, 2001)

  • Beijing Hosts Fourth Int'l Tourism Culture Festival
  • Festival Commemorates Classical Chinese Poet
  • Qinghai Ethnic Dances Enchant Audience
  • British Musicals to Premiere in China
  • Hometown of Overseas Chinese Hosts Tourism Festival

    (September 20th, 2001)

  • China's Thickest Fashion Magazine Debuts
  • Stone Ties Whole Family Together
  • Alive in Music And Dance
  • China's Ethnic Performance Market Needs to Be Further Tapped
  • Tourist Trains Added for Coming Holiday

    (September 19th, 2001)

  • Festival to Show Kunqu Opera 'Ballad of Pipa'
  • China Hosts Young Fashion Designers Contest
  • Souvenir Card, Badge for Sixth WCEC Make Debut
  • Huangshan City Frees 50,000 Artificially Incubated Snakes Each Year
  • Golden Autumn Tourism Festival Opens in Chun'an

    (September 18th, 2001)

  • Chinese Opera Highlights Ancient Explorer
  • Japanese Wash Painting Show Opens in Beijing
  • Ethnic Minority Art Forms Promising in HK Market
  • Year's Work Unearths Additional Terracotta
  • Festival Is Model Example

    (September 17th, 2001)

  • Uygur Ethnic Dance Drama Staged in Beijing
  • 13th Dalian International Fashion Festival Opens
  • Ethnic Groups Perform Together for First Time in 20 Years
  • 3,000-Year-Old Tombs Found in South China City
  • Wild Rare Animal Species Found in Beijing

    (September 14th, 2001)

  • Wild Yangtze Alligator Population in China Diminishes
  • Fourth Beijing Tourism & Cultural Festival to be Held
  • China's First Provincial Tourism Plan Approved
  • China Constructs Ten New Model Tourism Destinations
  • Precious Metal Resources Discovered in Tibet

    (September 13th, 2001)

  • Largest Tibetan Language Website Opens in China
  • Forum on Dialogue Between Different Cultures Closes
  • "Health News" Marks 70th Anniversary in Beijing
  • China Turns More Farmland into Forest, Grassland
  • Co-operation to Boost Provincial Tourism

    (September 12th, 2001)

  • Flowers to Decorate Beijing for National Day Festival
  • China to Hold Fifth National Dancing Contest
  • Chinese Buddhist Stone Carvings to Be on Display in Berlin
  • Int'l Porcelain Fair to Be Held in South China
  • China to Further Open Tourism Market

    (September 11th, 2001)

  • Ancient Mural Discovered in Tibetan Monastery
  • Shanghai to Hold First Kite Contest in Autumn
  • Mural Tomb Found in Shanxi
  • Macao Teachers Celebrate Their Own Festival
  • Guangdong Exports More Potted Plants, Flowers

    (September 10th, 2001)

  • Hong Kong Tea Culture Special Stamps Issued
  • Beijing to Build More Museums
  • Changchun International Sculpture Exhibition Opens
  • Beijing to Start Facelift to Honor 2008 Olympics
  • Three Cities to Hold Int'l Education Exhibition

    (September 7th, 2001)

  • "Legends of China" Festival to be Staged From Mid-October in HK
  • Hakka's Earthen Buildings Being Prepared for World Heritage List
  • Museum of Jino Ethnic Group to Open
  • Inner Mongolia Has More Nature Reserves
  • Airline Co-Ops Across Straits Intensify

    (September 6th, 2001)

  • Many Reasons to See 'Beauties of Cathay'
  • Practitioner of Miao Architecture
  • HK Watch & Clock Fair 2001 Opens
  • China Outlines Six Key Ecological Projects
  • Six Measures to Be Launched for National Day

    (September 5th, 2001)

  • China Issues Silver Coin to Commemorate Mid-Autumn Festival
  • Nanjing to Build Third Bridge over Yangtze R.
  • China to Foster Own Three Tenors
  • Japanese Poem-Calligraphy Show Opens in Beijing
  • Chinese-Language Tour-Guide Course Begins in Myanmar

    (September 4th, 2001)

  • Largest Salk Lake in Xinjiang Shrinks
  • Jinan to Hold Int'l Tourism Fair
  • Guiyang Hosts Int'l Cambrian System Seminar
  • British Music Program to be Broadcast in Chongqing
  • Cultural Festival Concludes in Xigaze

    (September 3rd, 2001)

  • Cultural Festival Concludes in Xigaze
  • Ancient Jar May Contain Wine of Record Vintage
  • Park for Dinosaur Egg Fossils Being Built in Central China
  • Temple of Earth Discovered in Nanjing
  • HK, Poland Strike Agreement on Visa-free Access

    (August 30th, 2001)

  • World Heritage Status Proposed for China's Declining Han Opera
  • Environment Reconstruction Restores Prosperity Along Silk Road Regions
  • Chinese Culture to Shine in Berlin
  • Beijing's Public Security Improves
  • China Has World's Largest Flowerage

    (August 29th, 2001)

  • China Dunhuang International Cultural, Tourism Festival Opens
  • Jamboree to Be Held in Dalian in September
  • Chinese President Writes Back to American Tourist
  • Mother Panda Takes Care of Twins After Birth
  • "Postal China 2001" Opens in Beijing

    (August 28th, 2001)

  • Three Gorges Project Causes No Ecological Catastrophe
  • Visitors Spend More in Hong Kong
  • China to Double Its Forest Acreage by 2050
  • Grape Fair Opens in Northwest China
  • HK to Host 2001 Watch & Clock Fair

    (August 27th, 2001)

  • Beijing to Bid Farewell to Sandstorms in Ten Years
  • Shanghai To Hold Sand Sculpture World Championship
  • Chinese Photographers Hold Exhibition in Hong Kong
  • Imperial City Needs Better Protection
  • China to Host Sports Tourism Festival

    (August 23rd, 2001)

  • Panda's Hometown Lures Tourists, Investors With Wonders
  • "Space City" Turns Into Green Garden
  • East China's Scenic City to Host International Autumn Tourism Festival
  • Dalian to Showcase World Fashion Designers
  • Chinese Youth Provide 4.1-Billion Hours of Volunteer Service

    (August 22nd, 2001)

  • Captive Giant Panda Gives Birth to Twins
  • 2001 China Arts Exposition
  • 2001 Manhunt Model Contest
  • 'Guangzhou Tonight' Bleaming Glamour
  • HK Appoints Student Ambassadors to Promote Tourism

    (August 21st, 2001)

  • Ancient Life Captured by Funerary Objects of Han Dynasty
  • Ancient Villages Listed in Category of World Cultural Heritage
  • Int'l Forum on Chinese Poetry Held
  • About Ten Wild Tigers Found Living in NE Province
  • Guangdong's Vibrant Tourist Trade

    (August 20th, 2001)

  • 1,000-plus-year-old Frescos Unearthed in Shaanxi
  • Wetland Resources in Yunnan Well Protected
  • Peking Opera Dubbed in English
  • Passing on Torches of Civilization
  • Second Ibis Breeding Center Established in China

    (August 17th, 2001)

  • Relics Protection Stressed in Renovation for 2008 Games
  • Buddhist Summer Camp Held in Central China
  • International Forum on Nomadic Culture Ends in Mongolia
  • Ethnic Museum Built in Jinuo Ethnic Village
  • Nanjing Repairing Ancient City Wall

    (August 16th, 2001)

  • China Vows to Better Protect World Heritage
  • Sino-Russian Nature Reserve to Revive Wild Population
  • Little Pieces of Yueju Opera
  • Kungfu Novels Full of Vitality
  • Kodak to Sponsor 2008 Beijing Olympiad

    (August 15th, 2001)

  • Retrospective Show of Artist's Works
  • Keeping Apsaras Flying
  • Scenic Province Attracts Overseas Tourists
  • Great Wall Authority Plans New Attractions
  • Tourists Flock to Find "Shangri-La" in SW China

    (August 14th, 2001)

  • Summer Palace to Be Revived
  • Domestic Cartoons Receive Enthusiastic Response from Audience
  • Tibet Holds Japanese Children's Art Show
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine Attracts Foreign Students
  • Digital Yellow River Project Launched

    (August 13th, 2001)

  • Beijing to Greet 21st Universiade with Culture Festival
  • Tourism Renews Ties Between Ancient Civilizations
  • China Holds Seminar on Southern Ethnic Minority Culture
  • Shanghai Holds Int'l Ballet Competition
  • North China to Open Large Museum

    (August 10th, 2001)

  • International Sand Sculpture Festival to be Held in East China
  • Traditional Chinese Cultural Activities to be Held in Israel
  • International Cartoon Show Kicks off in Beijing
  • East China Province to Hold International Tea Expo
  • First Electric Railway in Northeast China to Open to Traffic

    (August 9th, 2001)

  • Qingdao Fashion Week Set for September
  • Opera "Qing Dynasty" to Be Performed
  • Group Tourists to Macao Up in June
  • China Expects 100 Million Air Passengers by 2005
  • Beijing's Olympic Win Attracts

    (August 8th, 2001)

  • Joggers of 9 Nations Run on New Silk Road
  • Art Gallery to Honor Renowned Musician
  • East-West Exchange Starts 5,000 Years Ago: Experts
  • Famous Chinese Scenic City Hosts More Tourists
  • Shanghai Tourism Revenues Reach 90 Billion Yuan

    (August 7th, 2001)

  • China Has Third Largest Number of Natural and Cultural Legacy
  • Ancient Chinese Poet Remembered at Cultural Fair
  • Tibetan Relics to Be Exhibited in Beijing
  • China to Host 16th Asia International Art Exhibition
  • Ancient Soil Discovered in Guizhou Province

    (August 6th, 2001)

  • Neolithic Relic Found in China's Largest Oilfield
  • Xixia (Western Xia) Mausoleums: Excavation and Protection Underway
  • Tourist Festival to be Held to Increase Border Tourism
  • Tibet's Gandan Temple Celebrates Buddha Worship Festival
  • Last Architect of Ethnic Wooden Buildings

    (August 3rd, 2001)

  • Archaeological Top 10
  • Researchers Discuss Origin of Ancient Chinese Civilization
  • Beer Festival Held in Northern Port City
  • China to Hold International Tourism Commodity Expo
  • Air Flights Inaugurated to Promote Tourism of Macao, Huangshan

    (August 2nd, 2001)

  • Beijing Cleans Up Nightclubs
  • World Map Dating Back to Qing Found
  • Stone Coffins Discovered in Tibet
  • Ancient Town to Be Relocated
  • Wooden Spade Used in China 3,000 Years Ago

    (July 27th, 2001)

  • CPC Anniversary Show Attracts 1.2 Million Visitors
  • Expressway Opens to Traffic in Central China's Populous Province
  • Hong Kong Chartered Flight Arrives in Tibet
  • Tibetan Culture Helps Protect Environment
  • International Youth Dance Festival Held in Macao

    (July 26th, 2001)

  • New Air Route Linking Macao and Huangshan to Open
  • Police Museum to Open
  • Archaeologists Find World's Earliest Paper Package Ads
  • China attracts more visitors
  • Key Highway Reopens After Landslide

    (July 23rd, 2001)

  • Foreign Tourists to China Over 42 Million in First 6 Months
  • Ancient Cities Found in East China
  • Macao's Historic Buildings Recommended for World Heritage
  • Ancient Imperial Porcelain Workshop Discovered
  • Guangdong Tourism Industry Gets Boost From Policy: Official

    (July 20th, 2001)

  • Travel In, Out of China Peaks During Summer
  • International Youth Dance Festival Held in Macao
  • History of Chinese Boats Exhibited
  • Terracotta Warriors Trying Modern Athletics
  • International Contemporary Colored Glaze Exhibition

    (July 19th, 2001)

  • Chinese Tourism Expects a Boost from Olympics
  • "Ghost City" Foresees Tourism Boom After Dam Project
  • Tourism Festival To Be Held in Datong
  • Int'l Forest Eco-tourism Festival Opens
  • Six Wild South China Tigers Believed Living in Hunan

    (July 17th, 2001)

  • China Building Digitized Forbidden City
  • Grand Peking Opera Theater to Be Built
  • Relics Tell of Culture Dating Back 5,000 Years
  • Feature: Life Long Quest for Mystery of Ancient Xixia Kingdom
  • Ancient Family Grave Site Found in Shaanxi

    (July 12th, 2001)

  • Nadam Festival Opens in Inner Mongolia
  • Macao Receives 145,000 Group Tourists in May
  • Fossil of Ostrich Egg Found in NW China
  • Clay Votive Tablets of Tibetan Buddhism Exhibited in Beijing
  • History on Wooden Shelf

    (July 10th, 2001)

  • 5,000-year-old "Pyramid" Discovered in North China
  • NE City to Hold International Sculpture Show
  • Private Garden Reappears in Famous Garden City
  • Air Route From Central China's City to Bangok in Operation
  • Wuyi on Uutilizing Overseas Investment

    (July 6th, 2001)

  • 8,000-Year-Old Flute Found in Henan
  • Precious Heritage Carved in Stone
  • HK's Min Chiu Society Shows Collections to Promote Appreciation of Chinese Art
  • Visitor Arrivals Grow in Hong Kong
  • Beijing Citizens Still Keen on Trips Abroad

    (July 3rd, 2001)

  • 3,000-Year-Old Bronze Vase Found on Riverside by Child
  • China to Import More Planes to Fly China's Skies
  • Inland Province Invests Heavily in Tourism
  • Private Museum Heat in Shanxi's Pingyao
  • WB-Backed Highway in Guangxi to Start Construction

    (June 29th, 2001)

  • Tibetan Ancient Culture to be Unraveled
  • Huge Investment to Flow into Qinghai's Tourism Industry
  • China Approves Another Bridge on Yangtze River
  • Links Between Chinese, Mayan Cultures Questioned
  • Asia's Biggest Film and TV Market Takes Center Stage in HK

    (June 28th, 2001)

  • World's Largest Urban Sculpture Park to Appear in China
  • Macao Reports Huge Passenger Flow in Dragon Boat Festival
  • HK-Lhasa Direct Air route to Open
  • China Builds World's Largest Show Hall for Ice Sculptures
  • New Expressway Opens to Traffic in SW China

    (June 26th, 2001)

  • Preparation Work for Shanghai Int'l Art Festival Starts
  • Imperial Palace Museum Opens Exhibition Featuring Emperors' Secrets
  • Top 100 Chinese Travel Agencies Named
  • Lotus Beautifies Macao
  • Ninth China Tourism Fair Ends in Chengdu

    (June 22nd, 2001)

  • Top Tenors' Concert will Not Affect Ancient Structure
  • Critical Moment for Saving Cultural Relics at Three Gorges
  • China Eastern Airlines Acquires Great Wall Airlines
  • HKTB Invites Residents to Share Local Folklore Tales
  • China Stages Tourism Promotion Party in Philadelphia

    (June 19th, 2001)

  • Qinghai-Tibet Railway Project to Start on June 29
  • China Post Cooperates with China Southern Airlines
  • Chinese, ROK Provinces Sign Pact on Tourism
  • Fifth China Folk Art Festival to Be Held in Hubei
  • Zhejiang Province to Accelerate Development of Tourism Industry

    (June 15th, 2001)

  • China's Pompeii Discovered in Yunnan
  • Theme Parks Popular in China
  • China Artificially breeds 66 Pandas in Four Years
  • 1,400-Year-Old Tombs Discovered in North China
  • Chongqing City Opens Visa Office

    (June 13th, 2001)

  • Rosy Future for Macao's Tourism
  • China's International Travel Agencies Gain More Profits
  • China's Northern Airlines To Open New Flight
  • Coastal City to Get Overseas Investment for Tourism

    (June 11th, 2001)

  • Macao Receives 131,000 Group Tourists in April
  • ROK City Wants to Rebuild China Town With Chinese Investment
  • Tibet Free from Acid Rain

    (June 7th, 2001)

  • Hong Kong to Host International Travel Expo
  • Giant Panda Festival Opens in East China
  • Maya Civilization Show Opens in Beijing
  • Beijing Cultural Festival to be Held in Moscow
  • Hong Kong's Visitor Arrivals Continue to Grow

    (June 5th, 2001)

  • Underwater Mystery Unravels
  • Ancient Buildings Found in Lake
  • China to Promote Tourism in US
  • Travelers to Get Insurance

    (June 1st, 2001)

  • Expats Kick up Kung-fu Interest
  • Tibet Builds First Telpher
  • Forest Park to Be Built at Great Wall
  • East China City Promotes Tourism

    (May 30th, 2001)

  • China Vows to Retrieve More Stolen Cultural Relics
  • China's Four Sites to Apply for World Heritage List
  • Joint Venture between China and France's Tourism Groups
  • HK, Xinjiang Sign Contract Boosting Tourism Cooperation

    (May 29th, 2001)

  • Symphonic Beijing Opera Delights Opera Fans
  • First Reserve for Siberian Tiger and Far East Leopard to Be Built in Hunchun
  • Taiwan Backs up Beijing's 2008 Bid
  • China's New Year Pictures Apply for Inscription of World Intangible Heritage

    (May 22nd, 2001)

  • Beijing Keeps Its Word in Game Preparations
  • Macao Sees First Giant Panda
  • Zoo in Chengde Imperial Palace Causes Controversy
  • Ancient Chinese Upright Official Bao Zheng Remembered

    (May 21st, 2001)

  • Airlines Allowed Up to 40% Discounts
  • Beijing's Olympic Spirit Pursuit Will Go on

    (May 17th, 2001)

  • Chinese Musicians to Join Three Tenors at Beijing Concert
  • Insurance Sees A Dull Market in Tourism Peak Period
  • Tibet Became Part of China 700 Years Ago

    (May 14th, 2001)

  • Airport in South Hunan Operational again
  • Changchun Bids to Host World Sculpture Conference
  • Six Chinese Airlines Allied

    (May 8th, 2001)

  • Yunnan Started First Cross-border Holiday Train
  • Guilin Hosted More Visitors
  • China Bracing for Peak Tourist Season in May

    (April 28th, 2001)

  • 60 Million Travelers Predicted in Labor Day
  • First Cross-Straits Railway Partially Accomplished
  • Inbound Visitors to Get Visas to Pearl River Delta in Macao

    (April 25th, 2001)

  • Efforts Enhanced for Tourism at Dalian
  • Mount Wuyi Opens World Heritage Festival

    (April 25th, 2001)

  • More Inbound Tourists in First Quarter
  • Mazu Culture and Tourism Festival Begins in Tianjin
  • Macao-Qingdao Flight Opens Again

    (April 19th, 2001)

  • First Flight from Kunming to Lhasa Successful
  • Magnetic Levitation Train on the Ride to the Great Wall
  • Yangzhou to Stage Tourism Festival

    (April 13th, 2001)

  • Dunhuang Grottos Arts Exhibition Teeming with Visitors
  • Garden of the Gardens to Be Better Concerned
  • Suzhou Celebrating International Tourism Festival

    (April 11th, 2001)

  • Gulin to Host Tourism Festival
  • Overseas Tourists to Jiangsu on the Increase
  • Shuttles Full-fledged for Beijing-Shanghai Line

    (April 9th, 2001)

  • Beijing No. 5 Subway Line Drafts Fund Plan
  • Green Belt to Decorate Capital Airport Expressway
  • Yunnan Seeking Site Listing in The World Heritage Convention

    (April 4th, 2001)

  • Beijing Strives to Become Eco-metropolis
  • HK to Boast More Scheduled Flights in Summer

    (April 3rd, 2001)

  • Highways to Total 16,800 Miles In Tibet
  • Guangdong to Spend US$14.2 billion on Transportation Infrastructure
  • New Airport Running in Yunnan

    (March 28th, 2001)

  • The Famous Honeymooners' Town Triples Its Size
  • Shenzhen Begins Constructing Subway
  • New Air Route Between Macao and Hangzhou to Bring New Vitality

    (March 26th, 2001)

  • Hangzhou to Reap Famous Longjing Tea
  • Guangxi to Open 12 Overseas Air Routes For Peak Tourism Season
  • Xinjiang Operates Direct Air Route to Hong Kong

    (March 21st, 2001)

  • Qinghai to Launch Tourism Photography Contest
  • Macao Received 1.6 Million Tourists in the First Two Months
  • Europe to Give Free Visa Treatment For Macao Passport Holders

    (March 19th, 2001)

  • China Southwest Airlines Add Two Routes to Deqen
  • Guilin to Hold Eighth Tourism Festival
  • Northern Airlines to Launch Flight to Korean Peninsula

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