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Kodak to Sponsor 2008 Beijing Olympiad

CHENGDU, August 14 -- The U.S.-based Kodak, a designated sponsor for the upcoming 2004 Olympic Games in Athens, will continue to provide services for the 2008 Beijing Olympiad, said a source from the company's Chengdu office.

When the world's largest press center is established in Beijingfor the 2008 Olympiad, Kodak will provide free film and developing services for the journalists, produce identification cards for over 200,000 athletes, referees and volunteers, and provide diagnostic systems and X-rays for the Games' medical center.

A long-term sponsor for the Olympic Games, Kodak has expressed its eagerness to work with China in the 2008 Beijing Games.

During the 2000 Sydney Olympiad, Kodak developed some 180,000 rolls of film free of charge for over 1,000 journalists.

-- source: Xinhua News Agency

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