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Top China Destinations:

Beijing Tours: Capital of China, Great Wall, Forbidden City, Olympics...
Tibet Tours: Tibetan Culture, Buddhism, Highland Scenery, Mount Everest...
Shanghai Tours: Biggest city in China, paradise for shoppers and business...
Guilin Tours: Beautiful small town in south China, Karst Scenery and Minority Culture...

Tour Guide of Cities and Provinces in China

Anhui: Yellow Mountains -- Jiuhua Mountain  || The Yellow Mountains -- Jiuhua Mountain

Beijing: Forbidden City -- Great Wall -- Yuan Ming Yuan -- Summer Palace -- Temple of Heaven -- Beihai Park -- Yuan Ming Yuan -- Ming Thirteen Tombs -- Longqing Gorge -- Residence of Prince Gong ||  The Forbidden City -- The Great Wall -- Caishi Island and Swan Lake -- Shanhaiguan -- Hutong Tour -- Temples in Beijing -- Residence of Prince Gong -- Hutongs -- Dongyue Temple -- World Park -- Yuan Ming Yuan -- The Summer Palace -- Temple of Heaven -- Beihai Park -- Thirteen Tombs -- Longqing Gorge -- The Cave of Peking Man in Zhoukoudian
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Beijing Hutong Tour  -- Shanhaiguan Changshou Mountain National Forest Park Attracts Numerous Tourists -- Random Notes on the Temples in Beijing -- Will Beijing's "Hutongs" Vanish? -- Precious Pictures Playback the Glory of Dongyue Temple -- Discover Dunhuang Art in Beijing -- Traveling the World in One Day

Fujian: Fujian Landscapes -- Wuyi Mountain -- Xiamen -- Guanzhi Mountain -- Yongding -- Quanzhou  || Gulangyu -- Sunlight Rock -- Shuzhuang Park -- Nanputuo Temple -- Ji Mei -- 10,000 Stone Botanical Garden -- Meizhou Island State Tourist -- Wuyi Mountain -- Wuyishan National Tourist Resort -- Guangzhi Mountain -- Earth Buildings -- Kaiyuan Temple -- The Qingjing Mosque -- Yuhua Rock -- Luoyang Bridge

Gansu: Dunhuang -- Crescent Moon Tour -- "Small Mecca" Linxia  || Maijishan Grottoes -- Labrang Monastery -- Jiayuguan Pass -- Mogao Grottoes -- Mingsha Hill and Crescent Moon Spring -- Hexi Corridor

Guangdong: Guangzhou City [Introduction, Travel, Food, Shopping, Entertainment]  || The Tomb of Zhao Mei
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Secret of the Tomb of the King of Southern Yue
Help Info: How to Travel in Guangzhou

Guangxi: Guilin -- Dayao Mountain  || Sights in Guilin -- Caves in Guilin -- Lijiang River -- Yangshuo -- Bama -- The Clintons in Guilin -- Dayao Mountain -- Sceneries in Yangshuo
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Looking for the Secret of Longevity

Guizhou: Jianhe Hot Spring -- Yanwa Cave -- Fanjing Mountain -- Yangshuo  || Fanjing Mountain -- Jianhe Hot Spring

Hainan Island: Tianya Haijiao -- Sanya  || Tianya Haijiao -- Yalong Bay -- Dadong Sea Scenic Spot -- Sanya Bay -- Haitang Bay -- Luobi Cave Scenic Spot -- The Ancient City of Yazhou -- Local Customs -- Entertainment

Hebei: Hebei Tour -- Bashang: Beautiful Grassland -- A "Retreat Away from the World"   || Bashang -- Yesanpo

Heilongjiang: Ice and Snow Fairyland -- A Paradise for Red-Crowned Cranes -- An Ideal Ski Resort in Yabuli -- Ice and Snow Fairyland

Henan: Yellow River Tour || Yellow River Tour -- A visit to Mulan's Hometown -- Shaolin Temple
A Visit to Mulan's Hometown
Xinzheng: The Home of Dates

Hubei: Yellow Crane Tower

Hunan: Wuling Yuan -- A Visit to Zhangjiajie  || Wuling Yuan -- National Forest Park -- Suoxi Valley Scenic Zone -- City Info: Backpacking Tour of Zhangjiajie

Inner Mongolia: The Site of Dayao Culture -- The Tomb of Wang Zhaojun. -- Wan-Bu-Hua-Yan-Jing Tower -- Life After Horseback

Jiangsu: Yangzhou--Ancient Gardens in Suzhou -- Taihu || Ancient Gardens in Suzhou -- Taihu Fairy Islands -- Tour Nanjing -- Classical Gardens -- Tongli Town

Jiangxi: Jinggang Mountains -- Lushan Mountain

Jilin: Jilin -- baishan  || Liaoning: Liaoning -- Dalian -- Dalian, the Cool City

Qinhai: Scenes of Qinghai -- Headwaters of The Yellow River || Qinghai Lake -- The Taer Lamasery -- The Yellow River

Ningxia: Related Articles:
Ningxia-- Potted Landscape by the Yellow River -- 5-day Ningxia Tour 

Shaanxi: Terracotta Warriors-- A Fantastic Tourist Attraction In China -- Two-Day Mount Huashan Tour -- City Info: Xi'an || Terracotta Warriors -- Big Wild Goose Pagoda -- The Ancient Ruins at Banpo -- Tombs of Tang Emperors

Shandong: Mount Tai -- Caishi Island and Swan Lake Tours -- Mansion, Temple and Cemetery of Confucius in Qufu  || Mount. Tai -- Mansion, Temple and Cemetery of Confucius

Grand New Sights in Shanghai --Zhujiajiao, an Ancient Water Town   || Two Bridges of Huangpu River -- The Tower of Oriental Pearl -- Inner-ring Line Overpass -- People's Square -- New Bund -- Yuyuan Mart -- Hongqiao E&T Development Zone -- Zhujiajiao

Shanxi: Pingyao City  || Ancient Pingyao City -- Jiyi Temple
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Disregarded art treasures: Frescoes of Ming Dynasty in Jiyi Temple

Sichuan: Sichuan Sceneries --Huang Long -- Yangtze River -- Sanxingdui -- Chongqing-- Siguniang(Four Girls) Mountains--Emei Mountain and Giant Buddha of Leshan--Mt. Qingcheng -- Mt. Luoji -- Kalong Gully  || Huang Long: A Fairyland On Earth -- Sanxingdui -- Siguniang Mountains -- Emei Mountain -- Giant Buddha of Leshan -- Mt.Qingcheng -- Mt. Luoji -- Kalong Gully

Tianjin: Tianjin

Tibet: Tibet -- Yarlung Zangbo Grand Canyon -- Shigatse -- Namu Lake -- Ngari -- Lhasa  || Namu Lake -- Gyangtse -- Shigatse -- Sakya -- Babar -- Yarlung Zangbo Grand Canyon -- Beautiful Tibet
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The Potala Palace--Mysterious World Cultural Heritage Site -- Unique Tibetan Food and Souvenirs for Tourists -- From Sacred Lake to Hero City -- Tibetan Folklore -- Celebrating the Shoton Festival in Lhasa

Xinjiang: Exploring "the Sea of Death" -- Four-day Urumqi Tour -- Kashi --City Info: Urumqi || Taklamakan -- Four-day Urumqi Tour -- Emin Minaret -- Desert highway -- Id Kah Mosque -- Tianshan

Yunnan: Wonders of Yunnan -- Shangri-la -- Lijiang -- Ruili -- Shilin -- Kunming -- Tiger Jump Gorges -- Nujiang River Gorge -- Xishuangbanna -- Jiaozi Mountain -- Cangshan || Shangri-la -- Lijiang Dayan Town -- Ruili -- Dianchi Lake -- Xishan -- Jiuxiang -- Golden Hall Park -- Grand View Mansion -- shilin -- The Tiger-Jump Gorges -- Jiaozi Mountain -- Cangshan Mountain
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Earthen Dwellings in Kunming -- One Of The Last Matriachal Societies -- Help Info: Hiking Through the Tiger Jump Gorges -- Local Produce of Lijiang

Zhejiang: Shaoxing -- Mount. Yandang -- West Lake of Hangzhou -- Hengdian -- Tiantai Mountain  || Kuaiji Mountain and Jianhu Lake -- East Lake -- Fushan (Fu Hill) Park -- King Yue's Terrace -- Wuxie -- Temple And Mausoleum of Yu -- Grand Buddha Temple -- Lanting (Orchid Pavilion) -- Sheng Family Garden -- Green Vine Study -- Lu Xun's Former Residence -- The Residence Of Mr. Cai Yuan Pei -- Qiu Jin's Former Residence -- Ancestral Home Of Late Primier Zhou Enlai -- Mount. Yandang -- The West Lake -- Tiantai Mountain -- Longyou (Swimming Dragon) Grottoes
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Water Country in Southern China
Mysterious Grottoes

Have More:
From the Mausoleum of Gengghis Khan to the Dalai Lake (Part 1)new -- Faithful Steed: Bicycles in a Chinese Photographer's Memory -- Life After Horseback -- The Golden Silk Road -- Jinggangshan -- Lushan Mountain Scenic Area -- Water Country in Southern China | Yangtze River | Bicycles in Memory | Guandong -- Tour to Snow-covered Guandong

Special Recommendations
The Great Wall of China
To the northwest and north of Beijing, a huge, serrated wall zigzags its way to the east and west along the undulating mountains. This is the Great Wall.

The Forbidden City
Take our virtual tour of the ancient home of the Chinese emperors.

The Temple of Heaven
Each year the Chinese emperor came here at the time of the winter solstice in his capacity as the Son of Heaven to pray for a good harvest and to render homage to the heavens.

The Yellow Mountains
The Yellow Mountains, known as Huangshan in Chinese, offer some of the most breathtaking mountain vistas in the whole world.

At home and abroad, Guilin is primarily known for its enticing and unique scenery. Chinese frequently refer to it as the world's most beautiful scenery, and one will acknowledge its beauty once one has taken a relatively tranquil trip down the Lijiang.

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Lusheng Minority Festival Tour from US$1239
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Nadam Fair Festival of Mogolia from US$834
7 days Xiamen/Wuyi Mountain Tour from US$669

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