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Three Pools Mirroring the Moon

Temple of Soul's Retreat

Dream-Like Tiger Spring

Stone Statue of Smiling Buddha

  So much for the charms of the West Lake as a whole. In so far as individual scenes and sights are concerned, the mere mention of the West Lake never fails to call to mind the " Ten Scenes of the West Lake", which were first discovered by traditional chinese painters of the Southern Song Dynasty and later confirmed by two Qing emperors, Kangxi and Qianlong, who had steles erected and composed poems for each of these ten scenes. The "Ten Scenes of the West lake" have pinpointed the charms of the West lake in different places, different seasons and different times of the year. In terms of seasonal beauty, the lake is represented by the " Spring Descending upon the Su Dyke" , the " Wind-blown Lotus Flowers of Quyuan Garden", the " Autumn Moon on the Calm Lake", and the " Snow on the Broken Bridge". The other six scenes serve to show the salient features of the West Lake:" Orioles Singing in the Willows", " Viewing Fish in Huangong Pond", "Three Pools Mirroring the Moon", " Sunset beyond the Leifeng Pagoda", Evening Bell Tools on the Nanping Mountain", and " Twin Peaks Soaring through the Clouds". The only difference is that the West Lake of today has become even more enchanting than it was during the Southern Song or Qing dynasty. All but one of " Ten Scenes of the West Lake" have been expanded and their beauty enriched considerably. The only exception is the Leifeng Pagoda, which, having been hit by the sword of Xiao Qing, a heroine of the Tale of the White Snake, crumbled in 1924. Moreover, in 1985, the people of Hangzhou 1924. Moreover, in 1985, the people of Hangzhou selected the " Ten New Scenes of the West lake", which are no less fascinating than the Old Ten. Merely mention the names of the Ten New Scenes, and you can easily imagine their charms:" Cloud-Dwelling Path through a Bamboo Grove", " Misty Trees by the Nine Streams", " Heavenly Wind over the Wushan Mountain", " Circular Green at Yuandun Mound", " Yellow Dragon Spitting Greenness", " Jade Emperor Soaring through the Clouds", and " Precious Stone Bathed in Flowing Sunlight". Each one is a beautiful name, isn't it ? but the charms of the West Lake are not limited to these twenty scenes. There are better-known scenes and sights such as the Temple of soul's Retreat, the Temple of Yue Fei, the Jade Emperor Mountain, the Baopo Taoist Temple... Some of the famous scenes are reconstructed or newly built, including the Soul's Peak Poking into the Sea, Guozhuang Garden, Taiziwan Park, the Song City, and "Future World". Over the Autumn Moon on the Calm Lake:" The Autumn Moon on the Calm Lake" was already a renowned scenic attraction more than a thousand years ago. Seven hundred years ago, it naturally be came one of the famous" Ten Sights of the West Lake". Today, after so many vicissitudes, the autumn moon remains as slivery as it was in by gone days. Last decade, quite a few new attractions have been added to the West Lake. These include the Chinese Tea Museum, the China silk Museum, the Huqing Yutang Museum of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Museum of the Southern-Song Official Porcelain Kilns, as well as a dozen or so memorial halls, old residences and tombs of such famous people as Su Dongpo, Gong Zhizhen, Yu Qian, Zhang Taiyan, Pan Tianshou and Huang Binong. Three or five days are barely enough for you to cover all the places of interest the West Lake has to offer.

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