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Towering peaks, vast forests, clear streams and deep valleys make up a wonderland -- Wuling Yuan.

Wuling Yuan lied in the Wuling Mountains in the northwest of China's Hunan Province. It consists of Zhangjiajie, the Tianzi Mountain, the Suoxi Valley, and Yangjiajie, each with a unique landscape, within a circumference of 369 square km inside Dayong Municipality. Millions of years ago, this area was a vast sea. During the long course of development, the crustal movement of the "Yanshan Mountains" raised the seabed above the water and turned it into mountains and valleys. With an uncanny workmanship. Nature has carved and shaped this primitive scene of sandstone, forests and valleys, with murmuring streams, fantastic peaks, and grotesque crags.

Wuling Yuan is famous for its high mountains, queer crags, clear waters, deep valleys, and gullies.

Wuling Yuan is not only famous for its natural scenery, but also for its rich resources of flora and fauna. Its a treasure-house of green plants and a paradise for wild animals. The mountains are covered with virgin secondary forests, dove trees, ginkgoes, metasequoias, and other rare trees and flowers. Rhesus monkeys, civets, tragopans, golden pheasants, and other rare animals and birds are active in the forests.

The beauty of Wuling Yuan lies in her mysteriousness and naturalness. With a primitive charm, Wuling Yuan opens her arms to embrace visitors from all over the world.

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