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A Waterfall In Style Of The Dragon

It was called the Western-Inner Valley in the old days, a valley goes between the Ma'an Hill and the Donglin Hill. And a water, the Brocade Stream (Jinxi), rised from the upper Big Dragon Pool (Daiongqiu), burbles down through the valley. By passing through two gorges, the stream joins the Qingjiang River and finally enters into the East China Sea. It is said that this is the way along which, the poet-governor Xie Lingyun had traced up into the Yandang Mountain some 1500 years ago.
The Big Dragon Waterfull

The Big Dragon Waterfull

For some reasons unknown that Xie didn't mention the Big Dragon Waterfall in his poems. He was blocked in somewhere or somehow?

The Big Dragon Waierfall by the side of the pool that falls from the top of a nearly two-hundred-meter high rock, differs a simply waterfall in some way. "It's not just a waterfall," as someone put it, "it's a dragon." On its way downward, the waterfall spreads into drizzle and disperses gentlely in tune with the wind.Just have a look! It's an amazement that only the dragon could display.

Nuojuna, the Indian monk was the first discoverer of this dragon waier. He made a hut by the side of the pool and kept staying with the waterfall till the end of his life. As to the waterfall, he said nothing. Probably it's unnecessary or impossibly to say anything about it.

A dragon in the air. A dragon inside the pond. And the two dragons are of an illusion of the waterfall that words upon your imagination. Dalong qiu is a waterfall in style of the dragon. It's swirling, alternating and capricious all the time.

With a drop of 197 meters, Dalong qiu, the Big Dragon Waterfall is said to be the highest waterfall in China. Honorded as the "First Waterfall on earth", this waterfall is a must that visitors would not miss.

The Saddle Hill

The Saddle Hill "Cloud-fall"

So high the Dragon Waterfall is, /Falling down from the Heaven it seems. /A long strip of fine silk as it's told, /With my robe, I'm trying to hold. /Up there, about five Zhang is still the water drop, /And down there ten Zhang below, all turns into fog. /How about it's hundred and thousand Zhang in length? /Is it water, or mist, or cloud that I can not distinguish. This is what a Qing Dynasty poet Yuan Mei described in his poem about the waterfall.

It changes scenes while one moves steps. The scenary at the Scissors Peak is tasteful. Going inward, one will find successively the scenic spots of "Zhaojun goes to the North", "Woodpecker", "the Bear Rock", "the Jade Column Peak", and "the Mast Peak". A Qing Dynasty poet Qian Binwang praised it in this way: About one hundred and twenty peaks there, /Each has its own style; /But this one, the Scissors Peak here, /Changes her look all the while.

The Scissors Peak

The Scissors Peak

The Iron Pot

The Iron Pot

Made in the seventh year of the reign of Yuanyou of the Song Dynasty, the Iron Pot of Benevolence weighs 1.85 tons. With a height of 1.65m, a diameter of 2.70m and 3cm thick, this pot is said to be the largest pot in Asia.

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