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Text: M.E Cavanaugh (U.S.A)

Material from China Tourism Magazine Bimonthly
by National Tourism Administration of China

Dai-style dishesNearly all Chinese carry a jar with bottle, preferably stainless steel, which can be purchased there, with them, along with some tea leaves or other ingredients for a long journey. some shops and restaurants offer hot tea at no charge, but don't count on it. You can also buy cans of juice, etc., which you normally drink from your own jar. It is common and quite polite to use the hot water to rinse anything you use to eat from (bowls, chopsticks, etc.).

You pay almost nothing for it, but the food is fantastic. A dinner for eight at a very nice restaurant was about $17.00. I even acquired a taste for the fried bamboo worms and the baked bee larva, and the donkey meat is very good. Don't worry, though, our Chinese friends are well aware that not all Americans will be interested in these items; they won't surprise you with them. You will probably need to re- quest them if you want to give them a try.

bathing Dai girls by the bank of Lancan RiverBest of all are the standard dishes, such as the "Over Bridge Rice Noodle Soup" as well as the huge array of wild and domestic mushrooms. One of the best breadfasts I have ever had, a huge bowl of rice noodles with two Chinese doughnuts; which are much larger than American doughnuts, but have no sugar in them; was only 36 cents. Incidentally, take a break from the excellent beef and pork dishes to try the donkey meat, you may like it very much. It is a dark, every lean, firm meat with a mild taste .

It is correct to use the chopsticks you eat with to get more food from the family-style servings, and gentle "slurping" or drinking from you bowl is also proper. It is proper to hold the bowl close to your mouth if the food may otherwise drip, splash, or fall in your lap or on the floor. (Normally, forks and knivers are available in restaurants).

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