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Xiamen International Aviation City

[Industrial Zone ][Residential Zone]

International Aviation City's Industrial Area

Situated in the northeastem part of Xiamen international aviation city, AIA covers an area of about 1.64 square kilometers, and is 12 kilometers far from the city. Its northeastern part faces the sea while its west is just about 1 kilometer far from the road to the airport and the Fuzhou-Xiamen highway. The south part of the industrial area is close to the city's round-the-island highway while its north part is facing the apron. Transportation is very convenient.

Being a sky-oriented production Zone, the AIA fully takes advantage of the good transportation system in the airport and the good economic basis of its surrounding areas. After making overall planning, we decide to make Taikoo aircraft maintenance center as a starting point, and adopt the sight-forward principle to exploit and arrange the AIA. The functional sections of the AIA are divided as follows: (A) Taikoo aircraft maintenance center, aircraft engine and its accessories maintenance zone, commerce and trade warehouse center I, aircraft food car production zone, aviation compound material production zone, aircraft spare parts and cornponents production zone, maintenance zone for aerial tyres, chairs, brakes, landing gears, maintenance zone for aviation fuel tanks and pipes, warehouse 11 ,high-tech development zone, cultural education and training center, etc.

(B)The development of the AIA will turn the aviation industry into a pillar of Xiamen's economy, and the development of this completely new industry will surely promote the development of industries such as metal, raw materials, electronic machinery, energy, high-tech, etc.

Facilities in the industrial area include a supplementary center, encompassing heat-treatment center, power center, and sewage- treatment center. The power center is the most important part with many power plants together, such as substation,water pumps, pool, boiler room, etc.

All in all, AIA will be built into a special region where we give priority to the aviation industry, science and technology development .We believe in that AlA, with so many advantages, is now having a bright future and will definitely become a new pillar of Xiamen's industry. All the circles at home and abroad are warmly welcomed to AIA to be engaged in real estate, investment or other cooperative ventures with us. Company in charge of development Xiamen Aviation Industry Co. ,Ltd. 8/F NO. 859 Xiahe Rd, Xiamen, P.R.C
TEL:5092192 5092190
LIAISON: Mr. Huang Jingjiang, Mr. Cai Chtmsheng

Xiamen International Airport Eastern Residential Living Quarters

Situated in the northeastern part of Xiamen Island,the Eastern Residential Area (ERA) ERA of Xiamen International Aviation City covers an area of 147 hectares. With its northeastern part facing the sea and the round-the -island highway running through ,the ERA is only 10 KM far from downtown. Through the Xianhuang Road ,which lies close to the southern part of ERA,you can get to the Huangcu scenic spot directly.Therefore,with convenient transportation system,the ERA is indeed an ideal place of living,entertainment, and relaxation for residents.

The ERA is composed of Qima hill and a seaside region,which is located with the round-the-island highway to the west.With its beautiful scenery and fresh air,this region is planned to be established into a high-grade residential district,including villa district and multi-storey district.The region to the south of the round-the -island highway is planned to be divided into three living quarters with Y-shape road artery.We also decide to set up a large commercial service center on the juncture of these three quarters.With one park,one hospital,one sports center,four primary schools,three high schools and some kindergartens,the whole ERA can hold about 45,000 people to live in.

Functional Sections:According to the planning,the whole area is divided into two parts--- high-grade residential district and average residential district.

  • High-grade residential district Consists of villas and high-grade apartment buildillgs. This district is divided into two living quarters by the central 36m wide city road.
  • Average residential distict,consisting of many multi-storey buildings and few skyscrapers,is divided into three quarters.
  • These two districts are connected by a large public lawn facing the sea.The pubic buildings are graded as follows: district level,quarter level and group level.
  • Quarter level public buildings are located in the central part of each quarter.
  • District level public buildings,which are located in the average residential district,are composed of two parts connected by a commercial street. One is located on the juncture oftwo residential districts, mainly consisting of recreational facilities, office buildings, hotels, commerce and finance facilities necessary for the industrial area. The other one, located in the central part of the two residential districts, mainly consisting of recreational facilities,office buildings,hotels,commerce and finance facilities necessary for the industrial area. The other one, located in the central part of the average residential district mainly consists of high-grade public facilities for the residents.

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