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Xiamen Environmental Protection Bureau
56 South Hubin Road
Xiamen, China
Tel: 86-592-2025558 Fax: 86-592-2025558

Environmental Regulations

The following are the environmental management procedures of projects:

  1. Feasibility Study (or Initial Contract)
  2. Preliminary Designs
  3. Construction Period Procedures
  4. Test Runs
Environmental Discharge Standards

I. Feasibility Study (or Initial Contract)

1. Construction units of large- and medium-sized projects or small projects with fairly serious impact on environment shall do the following:

a. to fill out the form of Impact Study;

b. to provide geographic location map of various options of the site of project;

c. to entrust a qualified unit with the Qualification Certificate to Appraise Environmental Impact of Construction Projects, to make the Environmental Impact Study Report and submit the outlines of the appraisal;

d. to provide the categories, quantities, proposed treatment of pollutants of the construction projects and effects, measures taken to achieve the standard and the comprehensive utilization.

e. When finished, the Environmental Impact Study Report shall be presented to the municipal Environmental Protection Bureau (EPB) for review, or even to higher EPB if they are large projects.

2. For small projects, construction units shall fill out the form of impact study, provide geographical location map of the proposed site of the factory and present the feasibility study report with special text on environmental protection.

II. Preliminary Designs

The preliminary designs shall include the contents of environmental protection and the designing unit shall fill out the form of examination of environmental protection engineering and present to EPB in two duplicate copies. The preliminary designs shall be presented to EPB for reviews 15 days before the joint examination.

III. Construction Period Procedures

During the construction period, the construction unit shall try to avoid undue pollution and impairment on the environment and shall carry out the construction of environmental protection facilities simultaneously and be ready to accept the inspection by EPB.

IV. Test Runs

Thirty days before the completion, inspection and acceptance of the project, the construction unit shall report on the processing capacity of the environmental protection facilities, test run, together with the technical and economic effectives, fill out the Application Form of Pollutant Discharge in Xiamen City and present to the municipal Monitoring Station the report on the results of monitoring of the discharge of pollutants after the test run of environmental protection facilities.

The Environmental Functional Divisions
and the Correponding Standards of Discharge -- Water, Air, Noise

1. Water environmental functional divisions and classes of standards of discharge applied:

a. For Special Protection Water Area, covering Bantou and Tingxi Reservoirs and the Beixi Water Diversion Canal and the seashore beaches in Gulangyu and from Shapowei to Huangcuo in Xiamen Island, no new outlets for pollutant discharge can be allowed.

b. The Key Protection Water Area includes Xinglin Bay and lakeside reservoir, Yundang Lake, Maluan Bay, the coastline of Xiamen Island, the coastal area from Gaoqi to Jimei, Jimei to Xinglin, Maluan Sea Dyke to Songyu. The discharge of pollutants into this water area shall abide by the Grade I standard of the Municipality; for direct or indirect discharge into the watershed, Grade I or Grade II standard shall be applied.

c. For the Ordinary Protection Water area, which covers the reservoirs of farm use and the coastal water area from Songyu to Haicang. Grade II standard shall then be applied.

d. Grade III standard shall be applied to discharge of pollutants into urban sewerage systems for biological processing at second-grade sewage treat plant or oxidization pool process system.

2. Atmospheric Environmental functional divisions and classes of standards applied:

a. For Class I area, including Gulangyu Islet, the scenic tourist zone from Hulishan to Huangcuo and the area east to Yingtan-Xiamen Railway, the Grade I standard for atmospheric environment quality and Grade I standard of atmospheric pollutant discharge shall be applied.

b. For Class II area, referring to that part of Xiamen Island other than those covered by Class I area, and Jimei Town. Grade II standard of atmospheric environmental quality and Grade I standard of atmospheric pollutant discharge shall be applied.

c. For Class III area, including Xinglin Industrial Zone and Haicang, Songyu industrial zones, etc., Grade II standard of atmospheric environmental quality and Grade II of the municipal atmospheric pollutant discharge shall be applied.

3. The discharge standard of Noises:

AreaStandard Applied db (A)
Residential, cultural, and educational areas5545
Mixed Area6050
Industrial Concentrated Area6555
Side Area along Trunk Roads7065

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