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Haicang Investment Zone

China plans to build the Haicang Investment Zone into a modern and new district of Xiamen in the 21st century, and into an opening, multi-functional and comprehensive industrial and seaport zone. At present, investment priorities are on infrastructure, fundamental industry, high-tech industry, and tertiary industries.

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For more information, please contact the Economic Promotion Bureau of Xiamen Haicang Administration, (0592) 605-1019.

In May 1989, the State Council approved the establishment of the Haicang Investment Zone as an opening, multi-functional and comprehensive industrial and seaport zone. With years of development and construction already completed, Haicang is now in a very good position to invite large scale capital and to attract investors. Its prime geographical location, modern business environment, preferential terms for investment and highly-efficient administration make Haicang an attractive prospect for foreign investors.

Haicang Investment Zone enjoys all preferential policies of the special economic zone. Enterprises in the zone are exempted from local income tax. Its corporate tax rate is 15% and can be reduced according to the enterprise's type of production and services. Industries encouraged by the investment zone will be given some incentives in land use.

Encouraged Investment

At present, the priorities of attracting investment are infrastructure, fundamental industry, high-tech industry, and tertiary industries. The priority of infrastructure lays on port terminals, roads, power and water supplies and other urban public facilities, etc.. The priority of fundamental industry is given to chemicals, machinery, electronics, metallurgical, plastic and rubber industries. For tertiary industry, priority is given to real estate, finance and the introduction of the other intermediate institutions.


Haicang Investment Zone is situated on the northern bank of the estuary of Jiulongjiang River. The bay has 5 km of coastline with ten-meter-deep water. It is an ideal harbor for the construction of deepwater berths. Haicang, located to the west of Xiamen Island, faces Xiamen Island across the sea. The east district of the Zone is separated from Xiamen Island by an 870 meter stretch of water. A bridge is currently planned to link the two areas. After the construction of Haicang Bridge, Haicang will be able to make use of Xiamen Special Economic Zone's developed advantage and favorable basic conditions.

Planned Layout and Development

In view of its development target and geological conditions, the investment zone will be divided into four independent districts.

The first district will be the new district of Haicang New Urban District with a planned area of 32 sqkm. This district will mainly develop high class commerce, finance, real estate, tourism and entertainment businesses. It will be the center of an important city of metropolitan Xiamen.

The second is Haicang port area with a planned area of 10 sqkm. This district is mainly for the development of port terminals, energy industry, and bonded storage. Along the 5 km deep water coastline, 49 berths with more than 10,000 tons can be built, which is planned to be able to handle 90 million tons of goods annually. With its completion, the port will become an important seaport in the southeast coast of the country.

The third will be the South Industrial District with a planned area of 13 sqkm. Technology and capital intensive modern industries of large scale will be concentrated in this district. The industry in this district will mainly be chemical, machinery, electronic, metallurgical, and chemical fibre industries. After its establishment, the district will become the most important chemical industrial base in Xiamen.

The fourth will be Xinyang Industrial Zone with a planned area of 30 sqkm. Medium and small size of technology and capital intensive industries will be accommodated in this district. Industries will mainly be machinery, electronics, fine chemicals, building materials, and plastic and rubber industries. Commerce, real estate, and public facilities will also be developed as well.


After several years of construction and development, the infrastructure and land development of the zone will be accomplished. So far, 48 km of first grade road and city boulevard have been built. Xinglin Water Plant is now under expansion and Maluan Water Plant will be built. Xinglin Water Plant can supply 80,000 tons of water daily to Haicang. The expansion of Lilin Power Transformer Station (120 KVA) and the construction of Zhenan Power Transformer Station (63 KVA) have been completed and put into operation. In addition, the first power generating unit of the first phase (600,000 KW) of Songyu Power Plant has recently been put into operation. The final capacity of Songyu Power Plant will be more than 2,400,000 KW.

Haicang Port construction is proceeding rapidly. There are also 7 berths under construction or already completed. These include a 30,000 ton class container dock and a 20,000 ton class general cargo dock, Songyu Coal Dock of 35,000 ton class, Botan Petrol Dock of100,000 ton class, Jiding Petrol Dock of 3,000 ton class and two passenger terminals. The construction of these berths will be completely finished by the end of the year and the handling capacity of the port will reach 12 million tons.

Administrative Contacts:

For more information, please contact the Economic Promotion Bureau of Xiamen Haicang Administration, (0592) 605-1019.

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