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Jimei District

Being one of the important bases of Xiamen's " food basket project", Jimei District is warm and rainy, and supports agriculture of high yield and excellent quality. Aquatic products such as shrimp sea eel, oyster and fresh fish are flourishing and growing rapidly. Jimei has long been noted for its natural scenery and beauty, has a highly developed tourism industry, and places great emphasis on scientific and cultural development.

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Since the state council approved the establishment Jimei investment zone of Taiwan investment on Dec. 13, 1992, Jimei district has stepped into a historical new stage of export-oriented economy. Jimei enjoys the favorable policies of Xiamen special economic zone.

In recent years, the economy of Jimei district has developed rapidly. Over 80 joint-ventures have already started operation, including the famous TDK Ltd. and Xia-Wia Container Ltd. Foreign investors come from various countries such as Hong Kong, Taiwan, Britain, the United States, Japan, Korea, Philipinnes and Singapore, etc. Among all the enterprises, the total amount of the investment is USD 182 million. During 1994, the total output value of joint-ventures reached 316 million dollars, 45 percent of the total industrial output value of Jimei district. The annual growth rate of the GDP and gross production of industry and agriculture is over 45 percent.

Encouraged Areas of Investment

1. Industry and agriculture production

Electronic computer essential equipment circuit, office automation and communication facilities, integrated electronic industry such as instrument and meter, essential chemical materials, organic chemical industry materials, intricate chemical industry and medical chemical industry, light industry, bio-engineering, engineering industry, new style building materials industry and agriculture planting.

2. Basic infrastructure:

Bridge and road, water mill, electric power station, environmental protection and essential facilities construction.

3. Tertiary industries such as touring facilities

Large-scale recreation plazas and comprehensive developing tourism.

Location and Climate

Jimei district lies to the northwest of Xiamen island, and is connected to Xiamen island by Xiamen bridge and Gaoji causeway. Being one of the important bases of Xiamen's " Food basket project", it is warm and rainy, and supports agriculture of high yield and excellent quality. Fruit groves and orchards -- longan, litchi, tangerine, pineapple, banana, loquat, and mango -- cover a land area of 30, 000 mu. It has over 40 km of coast line and broad beaches. Aquatic products such as shrimp sea eel, oyster and fresh fishs are flourishing and growing rapidly.

Tourism Industry

Jimei has long been noted for its natural scenery and beauty and has a highly developed tourism industry. Attractions such as Turtle Park, Dragon Boat lake, Guagko Fengshan Ancestry Temple, Xinglin Hot Springs and the famous Jimei Academic Village bring in sightseers from home and abroad. The newly built East Golf Course and Tianzhu Mountain National Forest Park provide excellent opportunities for rest and relaxation.

Human Resources

Jimei district is well known for its excellent educational institutions. In 1994, five colleges in the Jimei Academic Village -- Xiamen aquatic product college, Fujian Physical College, Jimei Navigation College, Jimei finance college and Jimei normal college -- joined together to form Jimei University. The Jimei Academic Village supports 35 professional, scientific research and technical service institutions, and more than 1,500 various professional technical personnel. This educational jewel offers a veritable warehouse of highly-skilled intelligent personnel for economomic development of all kinds.

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