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Xiamen city is one of China's first four Special Economic Zones, and has been granted the right to manage its own economic affairs while offering preferential investment policies to foreign enterprises. Since the full opening of the zone in 1984, all aspects of Xiamen's society -- it's economy, educational and scientific institutions -- have developed rapidly. Today, Xiamen is a special window city for contact between China and the rest of the world, easily accessible, thriving, and full of potential.

During the next ten years, Xiamen will continue to build on its economic, educational, and scientific successes as it seeks to fulfill its goal of becoming an internationally recognized center for tourism, trade, and technological development. As it works to expand its port facilities and further modernize its financial services, Xiamen SEZ will continue to maintain a stable and prosperous environment for foreign investors.

We welcome you to "Invest in Xiamen," our city's first step into the world of online business. If you are new to the Xiamen SEZ, a good starting point would be the Introduction to Xiamen SEZ page.

The "Infrastructure" page should answer any questions you have about the SEZ's ability to support major manufacturing projects, and "Major Investment Zones" should help you to decide what region is best for your needs.

We encourage the investor home and abroad to invest the infrastructure in Hai Cang Investment Zone, Xingling Investment Zone, Xiangyu Free Trade Zone and Torch Hi-tech Development Zone.

If you are an old China hand, already know about the benefits of investing in Xiamen, and are ready to start the process of investing, the "Investment Procedures" section should get you started. The "Laws & Regulations" section covers tax regulations, labor laws, environmental protection, profit repatriation, and customs procedures. The Xiamen Business Directory provides addresses and phone numbers of more than one hundred of Xiamen's largest businesses.

If you have any questions that are not covered in these pages, there a people ready to help. Just send e-mail to, and the staff at ChinaVista will do their best to help.

We cordially welcome the men of insight to invest in Xiamen and the experts all over the world to make suggestions aimed at Xiamen's development of society, economy and educational institutions.

Welcome to Invest in Xiamen

After more than a decade's exploration and pioneering, Xiamen Special Economic Zone saw great achievements through the whirligig of time. Since the implementation of reform and opening policy, we have made efforts to enhance the construction of infrastructure, to spur the cause of science & technology and education and to reform the management system. A foreign-oriented economic pattern was thus formed with industry as its mainstay while comprehensive development was laid stress on. In this way, a comfortable, safe and stable investment environment was created for foreign investors.

In our future work, we will try our best to bring about a better investment environment and investors all over the world are welcome to invest and initiate their causes in Xiamen which will be listed as the important imvestment place for international capitals in the coming five years. We plan to make use of US$7.5 billion actual foreign investment accumulated in that five years.

On behalf of Xiamen people, I appreciate the attentions and supports given to the economic construction in Xiamen by investors from all over the world and sincerely hope more investors will come to invest and seek prosperity in Xiamen. Let's strive for a brilliant future together!

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