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Tong'an Investment Zone

Tong'an, the only county under the jurisdiction of Xiamen SEZ, is one of the coastal open counties of China. It is rich in natural resources and is a prime area for agriculture and tourism. It has abundant reserves of granite, kaolin earth, mineral water and hot springs as well as high potential for the development of aquatic products industry.

[Infrastructure][Foreign Investment Industrial Areas]

Tong' an County lies in the southeast coast of Fujian Province, is surrounded by mountains in the east, west and north, and faces the sea in the south. Tong' an, covers an area of 1079 square kilometers and has a population of 520,000. Tong'an offers a mountainous and highly fertile landscape -- over 700,000 mu of mountain areas, 340,000 mu of cultivated fields, 250, 000 mu of shallow sea beach and a coast line as long as 86 kilometers -- within easy access of Xiamen SEZ's modern infrastructure.

Tong' an enjoys a south subtropical monsoon climate, quite suitable for growing crops and plants. It is rich in natural resources and is a prime area for agriculture and tourism. As one of the important commercial bases, its main agricultural products are prawns, peanuts, longan, and pigs, and its fruit, vegetable, tea and medical herbs are famous at home and and abroad. It has abundant reserves of granite, kaolin earth, mineral water and hot springs as well as high potential for the development of acquaculture.


Traffic and Transportation

Fuzhou-Xiamen and Zhangzhou-Quanzhou Highways pass directly through Tong'an County, providing easy ground access to all villages, the Xiamen International Airport (27km,) the North Xiamen Freight Transport Railway Station (32 km) and the cities of Quangzhou and Zhangzhou.

From Tong'an's Liuwudian Dock, 1000 tons cargo vessel can go directly to Hongkong, Macao, Tianjin and Shanghai.

Power supply

There are 4 available substations connected with the provincial network, among which, one (in the town center) can transfer its volume from 110 KV to 2 X 31500 KVA, and the other three (in Maciang, Hongtang and Xindian) can transfer their volume from 35 KV to 21550 KVA. The reliability rate of power supply is above 98% , which comes up to the top level of the national standard. At present, another 110 KV substation in South Urban Foreign Investment Area is under construction.

Water Supply

The daily water supplying capacity in Tong' an is 16,000 tons. Once the second phase of reconstruction is completed, the daily supplying capacity will reach to 20000 tons.


A comprehensive telecommunications building with program controlled exchanger has been set up already in Tong' an, serving 30,000 telephones. At present, 10,000 sets are available to dial directly to 182 countries and regions as well as most of cities and counties in China. Today, advanced business communications such as mobile telephone, paging services, fiber telecommunications, data exchange, telex, fax and domestic and international express mail service are all available and quite popular.

Labor force

Tong' an has a large labor force, and 110000 qualified workers can be enrolled with low payment and simple procedure.

Foreign Investment Industrial Areas

South and East Urban Foreign Investment Industrial Areas have 110 hectares ready for use, and another 80 hectares of land will soon be developed. Meirenshan Hi-Tech Industrial Area is also open and covers 40 hectares. Xiamen Xinma Industrial Area with 200 hectares is now under construction along Xinma Road. Furthermore, 12 towns in Tong' an are beginning to develop foreign investment industrial areas. By June 1994, 352 foreign-funded enterprises had already been established in this land, and foreign trade is progressing with each passing day

Foreign investors are welcome to establish their enterprises either in the above said areas or in other areas according to the plan set forth by Tong' an County.

With the principle of opening avenues for investments, mutual benefit, sincere administration , we warmly welcome outside investors to join us in engraving the "silver ingot" of the golden delta.

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