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Xinglin is the place of origin for Xiamen's modern industry, and also major place of investment for foreign businessmen. It's climate and natural resources make it an ideal place for agriculture and aquaculture. The zone encourages investment in advanced machinery, electronic products, chemical products, food products, light textile, and tertiary industries.

[Encouraged Investment] [Infrastructure][Business Environment]

Approved by the State Council as the "Xinglin Taiwan Businessmen Investment Zone" in 1989, Xinglin is the place of origin for Xiamen's modern industry, and also major place of investment for for foreign businessmen.

Xinglin District is situated on the northwest of coast of Xiamen Island. It occupies an area of 79.31 square km and has a population of around 100,000. The district is about 18 km from downtown Xiamen and 8 km from Gaoqi International Airport.

Xinglin District enjoys a sub-tropical maritime monsoon climate. Pleasant weather, plentiful rainfall, evergreen landscape, fertile land and broad beaches all contribute to rich agricultural and aqautic products like vegetables, banana, longan, peanuts, shrimp, eel, and soft-shelled turtle.

By the end of 1994, Xinglin district had approved the establishment of more than 170 foreign funded projects with a total investment value of USD 960 million. In that same year, the gross output value of industry and agriculture exceeded 4235 million RMB. Investors currently come from Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao, Philippines, Singapore, United States, Germany, South Korea, New Zealand, and Thailand.

Encouraged areas of investment

Advanced machinery, electronic products, chemical products, food products, light textile, and tertiary industries are given priority for developing. Xinglin encourages Taiwan, foreign, joint-venture, and co-operative enterprises to invest in projects of fundamental installations and tertiary industries.


Investors can enjoy a modern investing environment in this special economic zone. At present, basic facilities such as post and telecom, power supply, water supply, heating, and drainage systems are well established. The program-controlled telephone system provides nearly 20,000 lines. Power plant supplies 520 million KWh per annum. Water plant provides 80-100 thousand tons of water a day.

Xinglin District has excellent transportation facilities, as it is an important passageway and cargo distribution hub for Guangdong and southwest Fujian provinces and Xiamen Special Economic Zone.

Maluan wharf can support 30,000 to 50,000-ton vessels and is only 6 sea-miles from Xiamen Dongdu Port. Xinglin Railway Station on the Yingtan-Xiamen trunk line is the third biggest cargo station in Fujian province. The two existing key highways from Fuzhou to Xiamen and Xiamen to Zhangzhou pass through Xinglin District, and the hub of the FuZhou-Xiamen-Zhangzhou express highway (currently under construction) is also in Xinglin district.

Business Environment: Services and Personnel

The Xinglin District administration has worked hard to make sure investors can find the kinds of support services necessary for large scale business projects. For the convenience of investors, the district administration has established a construction development corporation, foreign investment service center, law firms, accounting and auditing offices, state agencies of customs and commodity inspection, and a containerized transport company. The district administration also pays attention to security and safety issues, quality of life, and protects the legitimate rights and interests of the investors.

Many skilled and talented high school and college graduates can be provided to investors as recruitment resources. Xinglin zone two special province-owned professional schools, four high schools, television broadcasting training center, an adult educational school for workers and staff members, employment training centre, and a school for outstanding students.

Xinglin possesses the factors of timeliness, favorable location, and human support. It welcomes all the businessmen of the world to invest and develop, and prosper together. We believe that the rising Xinglin, as a flying eaglet, will become mature and glorious as the time flies on.

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