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Welcome to the Xindeco Business Information web site, dedicated to providing companies worldwide with the business information and market services they need to make the most out of emerging opportunities in China. Please send comments to webmaster@xindeco.com.

Xindeco President Gao Xiao
Welcomes You to ChinaVista

President Gao Xiao It is my pleasure to welcome you to the Grand Opening of the Xindeco Business Information Company's ambitious new online venture, ChinaVista.

As one of the first business information companies to open in China, Xindeco has always paid close attention to important developments in the field of information publishing. The Internet has clearly changed the face of international business forever. Today, companies throughout the world have come to depend on the breadth and immediacy of business information available to them over the World Wide Web.

Over the past year, the pace of Internet development in China has increased dramatically. Public access to the Internet is now available in every major city in the country. State-owned and private businesses alike have been quick to recognize the awesome potential of online networks for international trade and cooperation and are clearly embracing this new frontier.

China's recent Internet fever has ushered in a wave of new China web sites. While Xindeco has been pleased to see this growth in China's participation in the online community, we have yet to see a truly comprehensive, high quality site devoted to the complete China experience. To truly understand China, one must see the whole. This is true whether one plans to do business here, take a trip, or write a research paper.

With its five major hubs, Hyper-C, City Vistas, Business Vista, Travel Vista, and Culture Vista, supported with a four point quality guarantee, ChinaVista aims to be that site. I think you will find ChinaVista a rewarding experience, whether you are an international investor looking for new business leads, or a student researching your next paper on Chinese modern art.

Again, welcome and enjoy your visit.

Gao Xiao
President, Xindeco Group

China Vista's Four Point Quality Guarantee

Professional Design: ChinaVista's web design staff understand both the importance of visual appeal and the limitations of Internet bandwidth today. High impact graphics, Java enhancements, animations -- these advanced features are provided only after careful consideration of their functionality and affect on access speed.

Easy Navigation: ChinaVista is designed to provide the user with a consistent, straight forward interface for browsing and searching the entire site. A red navigation bar on each page allows quick, one-click navigation to ChinaVista's five main hubs, search interface, and contact page.

Bi-lingual Access: Unlike most other major China web sites, ChinaVista is committed to providing both English and Chinese content. Other major China web sites that have Chinese or English only content severely limit their audience and miss out on the web's unparalleled potential for increasing cross-cultural communication.

Full-service Online Support: Have a question about one of our featured products or services? Looking for something you think should be available but is not? The staff at ChinaVista monitor incoming e-mail 7 days a week and are ready to help in any way they can.

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